2013 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

For a long time first base has been the deepest position in fantasy baseball. Team owners could wait and wait and still get a quality option, and usually have two or sometimes three guy at the position that could bring you great fantasy stats.  Well, times have changed and although there are still some guys […]

2 thoughts on “2013 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

  1. Steve Rapin

    It may be because I am a “Michigander” and a bit of a Tiger homer, but I think I would put Prince ahead of Votto. That being said, you can’t go wrong with either. Votto was my 1st round pick last year and my team name was “Grand Theft Votto”, so I am quite fond of him as well.

    1. Ryan Hallam Post author

      That’s a pretty sweet name Steve. I honestly considered putting Votto #1. The top three are so close. It came down to this was the first time that Fielder’s average was that high, while Votto is a perennial batting title contender. All are first round picks though.


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