When should you draft the first quarterback? Not the first round, but not too far past that!

2013 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Quarterbacks are the cause of one of the most spirited debates in fantasy football.  More and more people believe that you can wait to draft them until at least the sixth or seventh round given the fact that so many players are looked at as interchangeable. However, at the same time, this is usually the […]

2 thoughts on “2013 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

  1. Steve "I suck at baseball, but love football" Rapin

    Russell Wilson had 489 rushing yards last year, so not sure if you based his projections on the 94 yards you have. I agree he isn’t a top 12 NFL QB, but I think his rushing skills, paired with the big play ability of Harvin and Tate make him a top 12 fantasy QB. I can’t arge with much else other than I would probably move the ginger, Dalton down a few spots, but the list looks pretty good for a baseball guy!

  2. Ryan Hallam Post author

    Oops, I made the change to Wilson’s rushing yards, but I stand by his ranking. That’s the best thing about fantasy sports is the games will lay out who is right. I stand by the ginger where I put him :)


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