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Five Game Parlay: Week 16

Welcome once again my friends to another installment of the Five Game Parlay! This is the holiday edition as our favorite game will be played on our favorite days of the year. We are down to our final two weeks of the season for the Fantastic Four, and while there is a mad chase for… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 16 Championship Week

Fantasy football will play a sick joke on a handful of us in Week 16. The schedule makers have made Week 16 coincide with some of the holiest of days with Christmas, Hannukkah, and Kwanzaa all starting either Sunday or Monday. I’m not sure what sick individual wanted the fantasy football championships to be decided… Read on →

Five Game Parlay: Week 15

We have moved to the last three weeks of the NFL season, and that means the Five Game Parlay is coming to a close. What isn’t coming to a close yet is the drama as a hot streak by any of the three players chasing the top can tighten the standings really quickly. Steve was… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 15

It is the semifinals of most season long fantasy leagues, and we want to congratulate those who have advanced to this point. Your team is clearly good, but many more players were injured causing lineup decisions to be more interesting than we would like to be at this point of the season. You can always… Read on →


Five Game Parlay: Week 14

We only have four weeks left in the NFL regular season, and there is still time for this to be anyone’s win in the Five Game Parlay! It was another decent week as everyone was either 3-2 or 2-3 which helped me maintain my lead for another week. Steve and Jonesy were the 2-3 folks,… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 14

Welcome to the fantasy football playoffs everyone! You’ve fought long, you’ve fought hard, and now it is time to figure out who are the best teams in all of your leagues. I’m sure you have a very different looking roster than you did in August, and deciding who to start is agonizing right now. Do… Read on →

Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 13

This is it! Except for the dumb leagues that play into Week 17, this is the last week of the regular season. I hope that you all have clinched a playoff berth, but for those of you who haven’t yet, let’s check out who has the favorable and unfavorable matchups for this week. There’s nothing… Read on →


Five Game Parlay Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fantastic Four of the Five Game Parlay. Ryan, Jonesy, Kristi, and Steve have been picking football games against the point spread for the last three months for your entertainment as we try to see who is the best prognosticator of the 2016 season. We had a great week in Week 11… Read on →