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Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 16 Championship Week

Fantasy football will play a sick joke on a handful of us in Week 16. The schedule makers have made Week 16 coincide with some of the holiest of days with Christmas, Hannukkah, and Kwanzaa all starting either Sunday or Monday. I’m not sure what sick individual wanted the fantasy football championships to be decided… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 15

It is the semifinals of most season long fantasy leagues, and we want to congratulate those who have advanced to this point. Your team is clearly good, but many more players were injured causing lineup decisions to be more interesting than we would like to be at this point of the season. You can always… Read on →

Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 13

This is it! Except for the dumb leagues that play into Week 17, this is the last week of the regular season. I hope that you all have clinched a playoff berth, but for those of you who haven’t yet, let’s check out who has the favorable and unfavorable matchups for this week. There’s nothing… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there in Fighting Chance Fantasy Country, and we are now heading to crunch time for the fantasy football season. There are just two weeks left in the fantasy regular season, and most of you probably really need to win to get you near the playoffs or solidify your… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 11

We are just a week away from Thanksgiving, and I can already start to taste the turkey and the stuffing. There’s no better meal for me each year as the wife is quite the cook. But I know all of you are looking to cook up the winning lineup for your fantasy team. Most leagues… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 9

It is freaking NOVEMBER already???? Damn it! Living in upstate New York I am a huge hater of Winter, but like they say on Game Of Thrones, winter is coming. However, that is still a few weeks away but the NFL season is just about half over already. We have six teams on bye again… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 6

We are back to a week with just two weeks on bye, but as we progress deeper into the regular season, the decisions get more difficult and more important. At this point we have a better idea about our players and the defenses they are going against that you would think would help you make… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 5

We just passed the quarter pole of this NFL season (hehehehe, I said pole), and while we have a little better grasp on our fantasy teams, there is still plenty more to learn. We welcome Columbus Day as we enter the second quarter of the NFL season. With four teams on bye and a million… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 4

Ugh, bye weeks! We all hate them and unfortunately we are already at that point of the fantasy season. It makes it worse that the two teams off this week both have been fantasy friendly to start the year. So, this week you have to endure without your stars on the Packers and Eagles, and… Read on →


Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 3

We are moving right along this NFL season and we are already in the midst of Week 3! Through two weeks we have gotten a handle on some players and teams to see what we can expect from them in 2016. Some are already dealing with injury concerns, while more are surprising us, and others… Read on →