Fighting Chance Fantasy’s TV Madness!

mrrobot2Welcome to the fourth annual Fighting Chance Madness Tournament! Each year we come up with a new topic to pit competitors against each other in tournament fashion to coincide with the NCAA Basketball tourney. The first year it was sit coms and Seinfeld proved to be king, the second year was movie franchises and to no one’s surprise it was Star Wars who won it all. Last year we did our favorite cartoons to which The Simpsons stood alone on the top of the hill. This year it will be television shows!

The people have spoken, and they have spoken loudly! It had a tough time in the first round against Orphan Black, but then a bunch of Mr. Robot fan sites on Twitter caught wind of this and they never looked back. The wildly popular USA Network show ran through this tournament and smashed everything in its path.  And I’m not talking about baby shows! Mr. Robot took out The Americans, it took out The Walking Dead. It crushed Modern Family, and then it took the championship by smashing the wildly popular Game of Thrones. mrrobot1

As always this was a lot of fun and I want to thank everyone who followed, voted, shared, tweeted, or just watched along the way. I always have a good time with this, and I hope you did as well.  Be back here next March to see what next year’s tournament will be about!





3 thoughts on “Fighting Chance Fantasy’s TV Madness!

  1. Howard Bender

    You must have missed my Care Bears tweet earlier today. Tell Alicia i said, “what’s up?”


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