Opening Day Thoughts

Oh Opening Day! How I have missed baseball and have yearned for you! However, today is probably when the most stupid decisions are made. People make knee jerk reactions over things they see on the first day and make some stupid move on their team.I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not going to be up late enough to tell you what happens at the ten o’clock games so here’s the best of the rest! I have given you some observations that I have from Opening Day and what I think of them and what you could do with them going forward.

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Who was that guy playing second base for the Phillies on Monday, because it sure didn’t look like the Chase Utley I’ve come to know. Utley had three hits including a home run in the first game against the Braves, and for at least one night looked healthy. Here’s my thought on the situation.  If you don’t own Utley, don’t go chasing him after this one good night. If you DO own Utley, start shopping him TONIGHT! See what you can do to trade him for someone who is not pushing 35 with a mile long injury history! Do yourself a favor and trade his ass now!

Collin Cowgill had quite the opener for the New York Mets. Cowgill was told he had an every day job just a day before the opener, and then he was put at the top of the lineup, and boy did the kid deliver. He had a double and a line drive grand slam that barely cleared the wall and was pretty much the offensive star for the Mets. Now, he isn’t a big power hitter, but he should get on base a decent amount and he will make things happen when he gets there. Honestly, if you saw the double, it was the kind of hit that most guys accept as a single and take a big turn at first, but he never slowed down and was determined to get to second. He’s a young, poor man’s Dustin Pedroia in the outfield. A gritty kid that you like to root for. He’s not going to be a fantasy star, but I think there’s room for him on a lot of fantasy rosters. I wouldn’t drop anyone fantastic for him, but I would consider him if the situation was right.

Juan Pierre is owned in less than half of all Yahoo leagues, and I think that number should be higher. He isn’t going to hit .300 anymore, but he still can run, and in a league that doesn’t steal bases like it used to, I still think Pierre has some fantasy value. If you are really in the need for speed he probably is still available in your league. Just don’t drop anyone all that worthwhile for him.

Ike Davis has been one of my favorite fantasy players since he came to the majors, and I even stuck by him with all of his struggles last year. I came into this season TOTALLY high on him and on Opening Day he struck out three times. I know considering he hit barely over .200 last season that people are almost ready to give up on him already but please don’t even start to consider it. Give Ike some time and I promise you he will hit at least .250 and hit 30-35 homers.

Jedd Gyorko made the start at second base for the Pads on Opening Day and eventually moved to his natural position at third base. If this kid is going to play second for San Diego going forward he could have some great fantasy value. He has some monster power potential and should hit for a decent average to boot. Once he gains eligibility at second base he could be a great asset for your fantasy team. He had just one hit on Opening Day so I wouldn’t mortgage the house on him, but if you have a guy that’s expendable, he’s a good option to look at.

Will Jeff Samardzija be a breakout star this year?

Will Jeff Samardzija be a breakout star this year?

Anyone looking for a pitcher that might overperform his draft status? I think you will have one in the Cubs Jeff Samardzija.  A former bullpen guy Samardzija has been made a starter the past year and a half, and I think that he is in for a very good season. He will get a good number of Ks and while the Cubs might not win 75 games, he still should have enough wins and solid ratios to be worthwhile. Tonight might not be the best time to send a trade offer, but think about it.

Starling Marte is a guy that I like as a sneaky sleeper this season, and he started today in left field and also hit leadoff for the Buccos. He didn’t do anything today, and I’m not saying to add him right now, but this is definitely a guy to keep on your radar. He has a little pop and a lot of speed and could score a ton of runs at the top of that lineup. It’s a Hallam special for you right there.

Anthony Rizzo hit a home run in his first at-bat of the season and gave you a sneak peek of what he is capable of in 2013. I still think he is best served as a corner infield option and not your starting first baseman, but he should be a solid home run hitter and fantasy contributor in 2013. He has the capability to hit 25-30 and drive in 80 runs.

Jhoulys Chacin didn’t get the win today for the Rockies, but he didn’t lose either and he gave you a light of sunshine for the future. I’ve always liked Chacin but he’s always been so inconsistent that it has been tough to own him for any stretch of time. That is why right now I am urging you not to pick him up right away, but see what he does next time out. If he does well he is worth looking at. He has nice strikeout potential, and I think the Rockies could be a decent team. At worst he could be a guy you could stream against bad teams, but perhaps now will be when he puts it all together.


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