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Five Game Parlay: Week 16

Welcome once again my friends to another installment of the Five Game Parlay! This is the holiday edition as our favorite game will be played on our favorite days of the year. We are down to our final two weeks of the season for the Fantastic Four, and while there is a mad chase for… Read on →

Five Game Parlay: Week 15

We have moved to the last three weeks of the NFL season, and that means the Five Game Parlay is coming to a close. What isn’t coming to a close yet is the drama as a hot streak by any of the three players chasing the top can tighten the standings really quickly. Steve was… Read on →

Five Game Parlay: Week 12

It was Bizarro Week in the Five Game Parlay as first place Steve went 1-4, while last place Sawyer went 4-1. Steve lost with two that I thought would win in Arizona and the Jets, but I don’t know why he picked the 49ers or the Bears over the Broncos. In fact, if Case Keenum’s… Read on →

Five Game Parlay: Week 11

You would think as the season goes further and further along that we would all have a better idea of who is going to win these games, but it was another rough week on the Parlay. Two of our participants (and the top two) were still above .500 but three wins was the max this… Read on →

Five Game Parlay: Week 7

Week 6 of the Five Game Parlay brought much the same of what the first six weeks have brought.  The two at the top keep getting better, while the three at the bottom keep picking like the Three Stooges! Steve will hold on to the top spot in the standings as he had another 3-1-1… Read on →

Five Game Parlay: Week 5

Another week of the Parlay is in the books, and the standings continue to tighten up.Last week we had Allie Fontana give us her picks to the tunes of different songs, but unfortunately it turned out to be a sad song for her because she went 2-3 and fell out of first place. Steve Rapin… Read on →