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The Five People You Meet In Fantasy Baseball

Back in the day, the fact was that almost all fantasy players were really into the game. “Fantasy Dorks,” we were called by those not gifted enough to play. A guy who talked about fantasy sports was mocked with such taunts as, “he definitely has no girlfriend,” and similar barbs. My, my how times have […]

6 thoughts on “The Five People You Meet In Fantasy Baseball

  1. Jen

    In my league we always have the “what have you done for me lately” player. Even though they are in first place, if the guy hasn’t hit a home run today then he is a bum. We also have a different version of the homer. Once a player is on his team, they are the best. While a player is on another team he sucks but a soon as he picks him up he is great again.

    1. Martha Mitchell

      Hey Jen,
      Seems like we have at least 2 of the “what have you done for me lately” guys. And I’m gonna tell the homer what you said!!!

  2. Ivar Anderson

    How about Mr. Daily Trade Offer? The guy that sends out 10 for 10 trades on Monday, then when you decline, sends another massive trade offer on Tuesday, And so on, and so on.


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