Fantasy Survivor!

It is time for Fantasy Survivor! The motto of the show is "Outwit, Outlast, Outplay" and that is what we are going to do. Well, not really, but we have picked the players that we think will outlast the rest and score us the most points along the way. I have devised a point system, and each week I will tally points, both positive and negative, for the castaways on the show. It is painful to have the person voted out first, so hopefully you didn't take that person. Underneath this table is each group individually that is easier to read on your mobile device. Check back each week for the standings, and if you are going to tweet about it, use #FantasySurvivor

And we have a winner! Congrats to Nick on winning the title of Sole Survivor! Even though he cried like a bitch when the rest of the folks voted off Davie, Nick put his big girl pants on and won all of the immunity challenges, smartly selected Angelina to go to the end with him, and then took home the million dollars! With his immunity wins, lack of votes, and championship, Nick scored 37 points in the final episode to really change the fortunes of this game. Here are the final standings! Congrats to Justin Mason, Payton, Carly, Devin Newmeyer, Theresa Haddow, and Newman on winning each division! Shoot me an email or a DM if you want to play again on February 20th, when the Edge of Extinction season starts! Thank you all very much for participating! 


Here is the point system

IMG 5891

If you are on mobile, these will be easier to read: