Fantasy Survivor

Welcome back to Fantasy Survivor! The 40th season is called WINNERS AT WAR! Every contestant this season has won the game before, which should make for some fascinating game play. Will someone join Queen Sandra as a two time winner? Or will the Queen stay Queen and take the title home for the third time? Who will win the $2 million? Jeff Probst is on record as saying that this was his favorite season ever, so let's hope it delivers. The Edge of Extinction is back in play again this season, so when your Survivor is voted out, you still lose the five points even though they aren't all the way out of the game yet.But you'll see there are bonus points if your Survivor returns to the game from the Edge. As always we have drafted our Survivor teams, and the following point system will decide who outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the rest. 

It was a fast moving and not a lot of points were handed out. The only real point concern this week was on the Edge with the Fire Token search. Since the fire tokens are not an advantage, but a vehicle to get advantages I am awarding no points. The point system says Find Reward/Advantage on Edge and tokens themselves are neither. In the end it was poor Yul who was shown the door as Michele and Nick picked Wendell over him. 


Here is how the scoring breaks down:


Michele, Nick (3) - no votes cast against in Tribal

Jeremy, Tony, Kim, Denise, Sarah, Sophie, Adam, Ben (2) - won team immunity and avoided Tribal

Wendell (-1) - voted against in Tribal

Yul (-5) - Sent to Edge of Extinction

Natalie, Ethan, Amber, Rob, Tyson, Sandra, Parvati, and Danni accumulated no points

Fighting Chance Fantasy Madness