Articles by Brian Drake

One hour.  I just needed ONE hour to myself.  Time to sit and read every article I’ve bookmarked.  A chance to go over my draft plan for this weekend.  Minutes of solace that would allow me to... Read On

You are on your 7th beer of the evening.  An empty pizza box stares back from the corner of your buddies garage.  Chicken wing grease covers your phone.  You just drafted the Colts defense.It’s... Read On

“Daddy I need you.”A worn out 4-year-old slugs down the stairs for the third time.My daughters new “thing” is getting out of bed a half dozen times a night because… well she’s 4.  I carry... Read On

Preseason Matters!Thursday marks the day most teams kickoff their preseason schedule. This weekend everyone will get in the mix with a full four quarters of football. Yea you say, but who cares?... Read On