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Waiver wire blah, blah, blah, article intro, let’s just get to the important stuff! Also please be sure to look back at previous articles for guys who are still under 50% owned. Find me on Twitter... Read On

Another week has passed, and hopefully your fantasy team is on the right side of another matchup. However, as always with injuries and general suckiness, the waiver wire is always your friend. We... Read On

It is waiver wire time again fantasy folks! Whether it is due to injury, your player not performing, or a hot name on the wire, it is always fun to try to improve your team. I do not like to keep... Read On

The first week and a half of the fantasy baseball season is just finishing, and as usual it was full of surprises. My advice to everyone this early is PLEASE don’t freak out. If a guy you drafted in... Read On

And it all comes down to this! The final week of the NFL regular season is also the last week of the Five Game Parlay. It looks like we have our winner already set, but I guess stranger things have... Read On

We are down to the last two weeks of this competition, and Sawyer left the door wide open for the four other dopes playing this game, but yet again we stumbled, bumbled, and fumbled over ourselves... Read On

We are down to the final three weeks of the Five Game Parlay, and for the first time in maybe the history of this contest, literally anyone can still win. Sawyer left the door open for someone to... Read On