Articles by Leo Grandio

When you are playing Survivor, sometimes it feels like you are living on the edge. Out of the five teams that were favored by seven or more points for Week 5, only the Buccaneers won with ease. All... Read On

Welcome back to Week 5 of Preemptive Strike, where we try to get ahead of our league mates for next week’s waiver wire rush. As l look into my crystal ball, here are some names to add prior to this... Read On

Surviving the game, that’s what we’re all trying to do here. If you did not choose carefully last week, your Survivor season came to a crashing end. The two teams that were favored by over seven... Read On

If you're looking to be one step of your fantasy football league mates you have come to the right place. On Preemptive Strike, I will attempt to give you several players to add before this week's... Read On

With the NFL season about to reach its quarter mark and the Summer transitioning into Fall, it only means that Survivor picks will start to intensify as the year continues to progress. Now that we are... Read On

If you are a fantasy manager that happened to get by unscathed so far this season, that is great news for you. Some of us on the other hand has already had to deal with the losses of Jerry Jeudy,... Read On

Welcome back NFL, how we have missed you so. Week 1 never fails to disappoint us every season with all the new storylines to follow. We all think we may know how games will go or which players will... Read On

Now that Week 1 of the fantasy football season is upon us, it is time for us to start thinking ahead so that we may be one step ahead of our opponents. Nothing beats the feeling of when you are able... Read On