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Things have gotten really interesting really fast in the Five Game Parlay. Four of the five competitors were over .500 for the week, and we now have a three way tie at the top. Not only that, but... Read On

We are at the halfway point of the Five Game Parlay and it is still anybody’s contest! There is barely a week’s worth of games between first and last place, so don’t stop following this article... Read On

Everything just got a lot tighter as Ryan and Brian at the top of the standings both went 2-3 while everyone else was over .500 including Steve who pulled the perfect week to get back in the race. We... Read On

It was a great week for the fellas of the Five Game Parlay as only my dumb ass was under .500 for the contest. There is now just three games separating first from fourth, so only Steve needs to go on... Read On

Through five weeks it is still a sort of close contest. Well, close for everyone but Steve, lets see if he can redeem himself this week.Drake 14-11 (4-1) Ryan 14-11 (4-1) Gary 12-13 (3-2) Joe 11-14... Read On

Yuck! It was an ugly week for our pickers, well at least for everyone except Joe Gallina who climbed right back in this thing with one decent week. The other four were all under .500, and Steve put up... Read On

After this week we will already be at the quarter pole for the 2019 Five Game Parlay, and as usual the standings are pretty tight. Ryan came back to the pack and was the big, huge embarrassment as he... Read On