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My guys! Everyone has them. Guys that you want on as many of your teams as possible. Guys that you might say "ADP be damned!", guys that you fully believe in, guys that you have a man crush on. I am... Read On

I love best ball leagues. I want to do as many drafts as possible every year and best ball leagues give me the chance to test my knowledge against others in real leagues, but don’t give me the... Read On

Everyone is gearing up for the best time of the year, fantasy football draft season.  Right now, I am participating with 11 other analysts in an Industry Mockstravaganza. I’ll be going into detail... Read On

You are on your 7th beer of the evening.  An empty pizza box stares back from the corner of your buddies garage.  Chicken wing grease covers your phone.  You just drafted the Colts defense.It’s... Read On

Live and in person fantasy football drafts are the way to go.  If you’ve never participated in one, you are missing out. Getting together to make one big party of it makes the draft day feel like... Read On

“Daddy I need you.”A worn out 4-year-old slugs down the stairs for the third time.My daughters new “thing” is getting out of bed a half dozen times a night because… well she’s 4.  I carry... Read On