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Here I am, exploring new territory that I never thought I would. I decided to join a dynasty league. This will be the first part of a series on what it is like to be brand new to dynasty. Read On

I’m sorry if my writing is a little bit groggy this morning but I spent most of the night listening to the 24 hour #SFBPodathon, so you will have to forgive me for this. I was trying to stay up with... Read On

There are a lot of players who could have wonderful fantasy numbers this season.  Some of these athletes are hit or miss while others are diamonds in the rough. If you’re a fan of streaming, there... Read On

I bet it feels gross to think about drafting Blake Bortles as your fantasy quarterback.   There are many reasons to take a shot on Bortles though. Jason Mendoza from The Good Place thinks he is... Read On