2019 Five Game Parlay Week 1

Welcome to the 2019 version of the Five Game Parlay! For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a fun little contest that we have been doing for many years. Steve and I welcome three friends to pick five NFL games against the spread each week to see who did the best at the end of the year. There will be some smack talking, some side bets, and hopefully some fun. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our other competitors and then the picks.

Brian Drake – Drake has been with Fighting Chance just over a year and has done some great work. Not only can you read him here, but he is also a cohost of the up and coming Fantasy Football Hustle podcast with Dwain McFarland that you can listen to on the Fighting Chance site. Residing in Syracuse, NY, this is his second year with the Parlay and we are happy to have him back. You can find him on Twitter @drakefantasy.

Gary Haddow – This is Gary’s first year with Fighting Chance, and his first with the Parlay. Gary did some excellent preseason articles and he will be doing the waiver article for Fighting Chance among other things. Gary lives in Austin, TX and will probably come in last this year. You can find him on Twitter @garyhaddow1.

Joe Gallina – Joe has been a friend of Fighting Chance for a number of years. You can read him over at Fantasy Alarm, and you can also hear him on the FNTSY network. Joe lives in Staten Island, NY and this is his second year with the Five Game Parlay. You can find him on Twitter @joegallina.

Steve’s Picks

Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) over Miami Dolphins. Let me say this now…I love Lamar Jackson! I think he is going to give this Dolphins’ defense fits, and with all the new weapons they have in the likes of Mark Ingram, Marquise Brown and Miles Boykin, I think the Ravens will steamroll this rebuilding Miami team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (even) over San Francisco 49ers. I didn’t pick this one because Ryan is a Niners fan and I like to poke him. Ok, that may have played a small part in it, but I think these teams are very evenly matched and when that’s the case, I’m going to pick the home team that is playing against the team travelling across the country which also has a (handsome) quarterback who hasn’t played an NFL game in a year #RingRust.

Seattle Seahawks (-9.5) over Cincinnati Bungles. Yup, I spelled that right. Seattle is going to run over Cincinnati figuratively and literally. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final score had the Seahawks winning by 20 or more points.

Houston Texans (+7) over New Orleans Saints. I like the Saints, but I’m not sure the Texans should be seven-point underdogs against any time in the NFL. I love me some Deshaun Watson and now that Houston has improved their offensive line by addressing it in the draft and trading for Laremy Tunsil, I think this will be a very good season for them.

Denver Broncos (even) over the Oakland Raiders. The Antonio Brown saga has now reached new heights as the jilted, diva of a wide receiver apparently tried to engage GM Mike Mayock in some good ‘ol fashioned fisticuffs this week and now appears to be very close being given his walking papers. I think he was right about his helmet issue. Maybe that helmet was too tight for him and it fucked up his brain. Broncos roll in this one. (Update: Brown was given his release on Saturday)

Joe’s Picks

New York Giants +7 over Dallas Cowboys. Maybe this might be a bit of a homer pick but, while the Giants are going to be a bad team, they won’t be as bad as many expect them to be. The Cowboys have had their number over the past few seasons and will win, but they won’t cover. Eli’s improved offensive line will give him time to connect Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram, and of course there’s Saquon Barkley. Barkley will have a big game against a Cowboys run defense that was tied for giving up the fourth most receptions to running backs last season.

Baltimore Ravens -6.5 over Miami Dolphins. Getting under a touchdown against a Dolphins team who are projected to be one of the worst teams in football is a gift. They’ll likely be double digit dogs for much of the rest of the season. The Dolphins gave up the second most rushing yards per game last season and we all know how much the Ravens love to run the ball.

Seattle Seahaws -9.5 over the Cincinnati Bengals. Who will have less wins on the season, the Dolphins or the Bengals? It’ll be close. Like the Ravens, the Seahawks are another run first team playing against a poor run defense that gave up the fourth most rushing yards per game last season. Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny will have a field day against a Bengals team that allowed 20 total TDs to running backs last season.

Philadelphia Eagles -10 over Washington Redskins. I’m going to continue to pick on the teams who are projected to be some of the worst in football. The Eagles just have too many offensive weapons that they can use against the Redskins who have a depleted secondary and offensive line. They’ll likely go up big early and run the ball a ton in the second half. Look for Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders to both have big games.

Denver Broncos over Oakland Raiders. There is just too much drama surrounding this Raiders team for them to be focused on this matchup. Their players have to be questioning their team’s leadership. In just a few days they’ve watched AB publicly trash his GM, leading to an emotional apology based on an expectation of his suspension. Next thing you know AB is starting Monday night, and just a bit later asking for his release, and ultimately then released. The Broncos have a very tough schedule this season and will be a bad team. They need to thank AB for this victory.

Drake’s Picks

Philadelphia Eagles -10 over Washington Redskins. The Redskins straight up SUCK. They have a bad QB. A horrible line. No defense. Oh and Philly is LOADED. This is a joke.  Eagles big. 

Baltimore Ravens -6.5 over Miami Dolphins. Prisoners shouldn’t be forced to watch this game. Offense will be set back 100 years. Gimme the Ravens. 

Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 over Jacksonville Jaguars. Chiefs have too much offense. Jags don’t have the fire power to keep up. Chiefs. 

Dallas Cowboys -7 over New York Giants. Giants might score seven. Maybe. Forget it. Cowboys. 

Denver Broncos even over Oakland Raiders. Broncos surprise and win by 3.

Gary’s Picks

Atlanta Falcons +4 over Minnesota Vikings. Falcons offense will put the Vikings slightly declined defense to the test, and the healthy Falcons defense will be able to get past the Vikings OL. This game is going to be awesome on both sides of the ball.

Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 over Jacksonville Jaguars. Mahomes is going to blow up the Jag’s spot and put that 0 TD performance in the rear view mirror. The Chiefs speed will be too much for every team this year.

Cleveland Browns -5.5 over Tennessee Titans. Assuming Odell players then the Browns will come out in a statement game that they are who we think they are. Baker’s quick release will mitigate the OL deficiencies with stacked pass catching starters.

Houston Texans +7 over New Orleans Saints. Texans will cover, this line is shockingly high for the Saints. Do we not remember Ryan Fitzmagic week 1 in 2018? Kenny Stills revenge game?????

Denver Broncos over Oakland Raiders. Broncos will destroy the Raiders, this is craziness. Miller and Chubb going to feast on Carr’s corpse.

Ryan’s Picks

Buffalo Bills +3 over New York Jets. Both teams should be improved from last season, and the Jets are at home, but I just have a feeling about the Bills this week. It could be heartburn from the Antonio Brown situation, but I think Josh Allen hits John Brown for a couple big plays and runs wild against the Jets.

Cleveland Browns -5.5 over Tennessee Titans. The Browns have a buttload of expectations on them this season, and the Titans offense is going to struggle. Marcus Mariota sucks really bad, and although the defense will try to keep it close, Mayfield will take over in the second half.

Arizona Cardinals +2.5 over Detroit Lions. Well if that asshole Steve is going to pick against my team then I am picking against his! The Lions are favorites on the road? Where did you get this point spread? At the toilet store? Cardinals and the Air Raid all day baby!

Los Angeles Chargers -6.5 over Indianapolis Colts. I keep seeing on Twitter that Jacoby Brissett isn’t that bad. Seems to be wishful thinking. The Colts offense was atrocious two years ago under him and I expect it again. Chargers might not have Melvin Gordon but they are still good enough to win this one by a touchdown.

Baltimore Ravens -6.5 over Miami Dolphins. Dolphins suck doo doo doo doo doo, Dolphins suck doo doo doo doo doo, Dolphins suck doo doo doo doo doo, Dolphins suck. Yes, that was to the tune of Baby Shark, and for those of you with kids I apologize for getting that song stuck in your head again, but I thought that summed up this one.

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