2107 MLB Predictions and Awards

The new Major League Baseball season is upon us in just a matter of hours, so we here at Fighting Chance Fantasy thought we would get our crystal balls out so we can tell you now exactly who will win divisions, playoff rounds, the World Series, and postseason awards. Baahahahahaha, I almost kept a straight face there for a second. As if we think that we can see into the future! Or have crystal balls!  We only have unused ones. But anyway. What do you think is going to happen this year? Give us your predictions in the comment section, and we can have fun with this in September when we see just how right Ryan is, and how Steve is just dumb. Here are your predictions for the 2017 MLB season. Oh, and we don't have the tech savvy to just make our picks be the little logos and make them small enough and fit perfectly like some of the big sites. So you are going to have to read words. Sorry, our bad.

American League

AL East
Steve - Boston Red Sox
Ryan - Boston Red Sox

AL Central
Steve - Cleveland Indians
Ryan - Cleveland Indians (I swear, they will start being different soon)

houston astros2

It is a really talented group of young hitters in Houston, and Steve sees it being enough to win the division title!

AL West
Steve - Houston Astros
Ryan - Texas Rangers

Wild Cards
Steve - Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees
Ryan - Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles

National League

NL East
Steve - Washington Nationals
Ryan - New York Mets

NL Central
Steve - Chicago Cubs
Ryan - Chicago Cubs (really chaps my ass to have to predict that, but......)

NL West
Steve - San Francisco Giants
Ryan - Los Angeles Dodgers


Let's go Cards! Let's go Cards!

Wild Cards
Steve - Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets
Ryan - Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals (maybe a homer pick)


Steve - Houston Astros over Cleveland Indians, Washington Nationals over San Francisco Giants
Ryan - Cleveland Indians over Boston Red Sox, New York Mets over Chicago Cubs

World Series

Steve - Washington Nationals over Houston Astros
Ryan - New York Mets over Cleveland Indians


One of the littlest men on the field is one of the biggest producers, and Steve sees an MVP Award in his future

MVP Award

AL - Jose Altuve, NL - Bryce Harper

AL - Mookie Betts, NL - Yoenis Cespedes

Cy Young Award (Not Named Clayton Kershaw in the NL)

AL - Corey Kluber, NL - Jacob DeGrom


I don't know about the hair, but I know Syndergaard might be the best pitcher in baseball this year!

AL - Yu Darvish, NL - Noah Syndergaard

Rookie Of The Year Award

AL - Andrew Benintendi, NL - Dansby Swanson

AL - Yoan Moncada, NL - Cody Bellinger

Comeback Player of the Year Award

AL - Dallas Keuchel, NL - A.J. Pollock

AL - Greg Bird, NL - Lance Lynn

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