Beginners Guide to Playing Fantasy EPL!

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I’m Fantasymutt and here is a beginner guide to playing EPL Fantasy Football! 

Football, or Soccer, is played and watched all over the world by billions of people and everyone has their favourite team. The English Premiership though is the most popular by far, and while being able to play it fantasy style is great fun, what makes it even better is the chance to win money while enjoying yourself. 

If you have never played fantasy football before and would like to, then hopefully this article will help you. Firstly, it is vital you learn and understand the scoring system and for the purposes of this article, I will be using the scoring on Fan Duel. There are GPPs (tournaments) and cash single games, but today we will only deal with the scoring system for GPPs.

On a GPP slate for EPL everyone has to pick seven players, one goalkeeper, two defenders and a mixture of four midfielders and forwards. Like any fantasy game, the object of the exercise is to score more points than anyone else. There is no point in just jumping in without knowing how the scoring system works so here is the standard scoring on Fan Duel.


  • Scores 3 points for each save
  • Loses 2.5 points for each goal conceded
  • Scores 7 points if his team wins
  • Scores 10 points if he keeps a clean sheet.


  • Scores 1.3 points for blocking a shot
  • Scores 1.3 points for a tackle
  • Scores 3 points for creating a chance
  • Scores 5 points for a shot on goal
  • Scores 15 points for a goal
  • Scores 1.3 points for a clearance
  • Scores 1.3 points for an interception
  • Scores 7 points for an assist
  • DEFENDERS also get 5 points for a clean sheet

That is a lot of information to learn and understand, but if you do that before you enter any tournaments, then you will have a better chance of winning a prize. As I already know what I’m doing, I know that if one of my forwards scores a goal and is assisted by a teammate say one of my defenders, then in one foul swoop I will score 27 points, 15 for the goal, five for the shot, and seven points for the assist. So right away there is a reason to learn and understand the scoring system. 

By now you should be ready to pick a team, but of course it is not as simple as just picking whoever’s you like as you have a budget to stay within which on FD is £100 or $100 depending upon where you are playing from. This averages out around £14/$14 per player which is quite generous except the star players can cost up to a quarter of your total budget, so the next important thing to do is to learn to shop around and look for the bargain buys so you can have enough money to buy one or two star players. 

My best advice on picking a team is to be prepared to pay high for your goalkeeper as if he wins and keeps a clean sheet, then he will get an extra 17 points on top of any saves he makes. When it comes to defenders, I buy cheap as this gives me money to buy the more expensive attacking players. The last tip I will reveal today is that it’s a good idea to have two players from the same team on a slate, as that opens up the possibility of getting the points for an assist. If you don't do that then you can never score points for an assist.

Enough of my tactics for the time being as this article is just to introduce you to the exciting world of EPL Fantasy football.  I’m sure it will raise plenty of questions and you can ask me at or find me on Twitter at @Busybod23058778 and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Finally I will be previewing the weekend games on Friday and I will be revealing my top picks for the weekend action so stay tuned for that!

Cheers  Fantasymutt 

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