Diary of a Fantasy Dad #1

“Daddy I need you.”

A worn out 4-year-old slugs down the stairs for the third time.

My daughters new “thing” is getting out of bed a half dozen times a night because… well she’s 4.  

I carry her upstairs and tuck her in.  She gets another kiss.  Another promise she won’t get out of bed again.  She does.

It’s the night before my 38th birthday and my plan was to sit on my couch drinking a cold beer and write this article while peeking in on WWE SummerSlam in the background.  

As you might imagine the beer is warm and I haven’t seen more than five minutes of wrestling.  

Welcome to the life of a fantasy dad…

Fantasy Football has been an obsession of mine since I graduated from college in 2003.  

Like you I’ve read the magazines.  I’ve clicked the websites.  I’ve downloaded the podcasts.  


I’m not a guy who likes to do something just to do it.  If I’m playing softball I’m going to have the best gear and practice four days a week for a beer league.  

If I’m golfing I’m getting new irons and taking lessons.

If it’s sales (what I do for a living) I’m fighting for the dollars that should be in my pocket, not my competitors. 

Fantasy football is different though.  It’s a blood sport.  There is no satisfaction in anything other than a championship.  Second place really is the first loser.  

There is SO much information.  So many outlets.  Who can you trust to really get you the best advice?  

I’ve cycled through them all.  Finding people I believe in and philosophies I buy into.  That has shaped me into the fantasy player I am today.  

If you are reading this I’ll bet you share a lot of these same traits.  We aren’t alone. 

We aren’t alone in our desire to be the best in our leagues.  We aren’t alone in our passion for finding that deep sleeper.  We also aren’t alone in our lives.  Like so many of you I’ve got a wife and a pair of children.  A job, a mortgage, a gym membership I don’t use, and a pair of expensive running shoes I’ve barely worn past taking out the trash.  

If I had all the time in the world I’d spend most of it reading, writing, and talking about football.  I think you would too.  But that’s not the real world.  Fantasy isn’t reality.

So what do we do to get our fantasy fix?  How do we sneak in mock drafts or podcasts?  When do we get those few moments to sit down and digest manifestos or draft plans?  That is the dance we all do. 

Over the course of the season I’m going to share my journey with you.  

I’ll be juggling parenting, marriage, a career, and new gig writing about fantasy along everything else my fantasy leagues throw at me.  I think you’ll find we have lots in common and we can learn a few things about ourselves.  Hopefully it will bring fantasy championships and a greater understanding of how we all live as fantasy dads.

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