Drake's Takes

Drake’s Takes

By Brian Drake

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The draft and free agency are behind us so this is a perfect time to empty the notebook with this round of ‘Drake’s Takes’

  • LeSean McCoy is done in Buffalo.  After signing Frank Gore, TJ Yeldon, and drafting Devin Singletary I can see the Bills cutting Shady.  This is a team who needs to move forward with youth (Gore is ageless).  Wouldn’t shock me if McCoy landed in a place like Pittsburgh or Kansas City where he could be instantly fantasy relevant again.

  • Why are people stumping for the Oakland/LA/Vegas/Bad Haircut Raiders to sign Marshawn Lynch?  They just drafted Josh Jacobs IN THE FIRST ROUND!  Who cares that Isaiah Crowell went down?  Lynch is toast.  If you want to trust a 33-year-old Running Back then you too probably get your haircut at the school for the blind with Mark Davis.

  • I get the Kyler Murray love, I do.  He’s flashy.  He won the Heisman.  He’s got all the hype.  But for fantasy give me the discounted Jimmy Garoppolo and Carson Wentz instead.  While Murray will climb draft boards all summer the injury plagued seasons of Jimmy G and Wentz will suppress their draft day stock.  Both have MUCH improved weapons.  Both have incredible play callers behind them.  Oh and they aren’t rookies.  Buy the discount, not the hype.

  • Why is Kelvin Harmon getting no love?  This kid was a monster at NC State.  He can play all over the field and landed in a fantastic spot!  The Redskins WR’s are nothing to write home about.  If Harmon can click with fellow rookie Dwayne Haskins I think he can easily become the #1 on this team.  Josh Doctson?  Paul Richardson?  Please.  This guy will be a WR2/3 for fantasy by mid-October.

  • Nobody on the Bears is going to be consistent on a week-to-week basis except for my sleeper QB of the year, Mitch Trubisky.  Draft Mitch-a-palooza in the later rounds of your drafts and pair him with someone like Philip Rivers to cash in on a super deep QB class.

  • The Patriots spent a top 90 pick on Running Back Damien Harris.  That scares the bejesus out of me in terms of fantasy value for the other backs in Beantown.  He’s the kind of back who can do exactly what James White does, only cheaper (White has a 4.6 million dollar cap hit this year and next).  He also can run in between the tackles which could zap value from Sony Michel.

  • With everyone giving out draft grades teams are telling you what they thought of their classes from 4 years ago by declining 5th year options on some players.  That’s the true sign of how a team feels.  We need to step back and let guys mature.  Nobody knows who won or lost the draft yet.  Except for the Dave Gettleman, he lost.  He’s the worst. 

  • Speaking of the clueless Giants they used the 6th overall pick to take a mediocre college QB and passed on potentially elite defensive line talent they desperately needed.  Looking ahead to next year’s draft when QB is loaded with high end prospects the G-Men shot themselves in the foot.  The smart play to me would’ve been load up on everything but the QB and after you land yet another top 10 pick ensure that you get a much better signal caller.  Gettleman you are an idiot.  

  • Let’s stay in NYC where James Dolan must LOVE the fact that Dave Gettleman is in town.  This clown takes all the heat off Dolan’s miserable franchises.  I’m not sure who is less competent at this point, the Giants GM or the one who plays GM on NYC radio every afternoon.  Mike Francesa is an embarrassment.  His show has become prank call after prank call.  People only listen to hear the fans goof on him.  End it already.

  • Last weekend I celebrated my 20 year reunion for my college fraternity.  I learned a few things:  1. I can’t stay up past midnight.  2.  Girls wear NOTHING to the bars.  3.  I’m petrified as the father of a young daughter.  4.  No matter how old you get and what you do in life the people who knew you back when are always there to ground you and make you smile.

Brian is the co-host of the “Tuesday Night Hustle” podcast which can be heard at FightingChanceFantasy.com/podcasts

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