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I’m not a fantasy ranker.  I don’t do projections.  I don’t do weekly positional rankings.  Probably never will.  What I don’t get is how we fail to use our eyes and our brains when doing projections?  Alvin Kamara is a stud.  There is no denying that.  What we can argue is his effectiveness with Taysom Hill under center. 

Kamara over the last two Hill starts has averaged 12 carries, has ONE catch, and ONE touchdown.  In a full PPR he’s scored you 12.45 and 7.85 points each week. 

Knowing what we do about the Saints offense and Kamara’s role with this QB why are fantasy sites still projecting Kamara as a top 10 RB? 

For instance, ESPN’s app projects him for 19.4 points.  Why are we all of a sudden thinking he’s going to score 7 more points than his best effort with Hill at QB?

In my .5 PPR Yahoo league, they have him projected for 14.12 points.

Fantasy Pros consensus rankings have him as RB 7 just ahead of Miles Sanders who also hasn’t done a damn thing in two weeks.


Speaking of Sanders, I said weeks ago on my podcast with @DwainMcFarland that you should trade the Eagles RB due to a horrific offensive line.  Two of his three TD’s came on long runs that propped up what would’ve been overall bad days otherwise.  His misuse in the passing game is even more appalling.  He has seven receptions combined in the Bird's last three games.  This is a team without Zack Ertz.  A team rolling out Greg Ward, Travis Fulgham, and rookie Jalen Reagor.  You’re telling me you can’t find more than seven receptions in three games you LOST?!?


Nice time to talk about Travis Fulgham.  He’s done.  You can drop him.  It’s over.  That lightning is back in its bottle.  Carson Wentz isn’t pushing the ball down the field and Fulgham can’t separate enough to make Wentz pull the trigger anyway.  He’s caught four passes over the last three weeks.  Bye.


I can’t get over the fact that Jim Boeheim tested positive for COVID-19 and still has no idea how to properly wear a mask.  A player tested positive at the same time as Boeheim.  Now, this week another has.  Multiple other players, including his son Buddy, have to miss games due to close contact.  If you watch the Orange play you’ll see the oldest coach in NCAA D1 basketball wearing the mask as if his chin needed support.

Courtesy Syracuse.com

His program was shut down for two weeks due to the virus.  The arena where his name adorns the floor and has held over 34,000 fans for basketball is now empty during games.  Every single person who isn’t playing or broadcasting has a mask on… except for Boeheim.  Incredible.

(Update:  During Saturday’s SU game Boeheim added a plastic visor to his glasses.)


I made a horrible mistake last week.  When looking at my lineups I decided on Brian Hill over AJ Brown.  Now I’m sure none of you give a crap.  I barely do.  But there’s a lesson to be learned.  START YOUR BEST PLAYERS. 

I was foolish.  Looking at AJ Brown’s recent history vs the Colts I figured, “Eh they have his number.”  Well, the number ended up being 23.80.  That was his point total in .5 PPR.  Brian Hill on the other hand scored 5.50.  I lost this matchup by 13 points.  Does it sting?  You’re damn right it does.  But we have to forever remember that the better players are just that for a reason.  Considering what I said about Kamara earlier just pencil him in for 2 TD’s on Sunday.

Big Mouth premieres this weekend on Netflix.


Big Mouth is back on Netflix this weekend.  The animated series is as good as anything on the service.  For those who haven’t seen it, Big Mouth is about a couple of foul-mouthed kids with actual hormone monsters leading them down the wrong paths.  It’s the BEST.  If you enjoy raunchy, smart comedy I can’t recommend this enough.  Nick Kroll and some of the guys from “The League” are the creative minds and voices behind it.  Just wait until your own kids go to bed.



The Scott Fish Bowl or #SFBX as you may know it has ended its regular season and we are into the first week of the playoffs.  Your boy not only won his division but finished in the top 10 overall in points for the 12 weeks.  To say I’m happy is an understatement.  The Scott Fish Bowl is a big deal.  Maybe not to your friends at home but in the industry, we care.  Beating literally everyone else in the industry is a feather in your cap that can never be taken away.  Fighting Chance’s own Gary Haddow won the belt last year.  With 1440 other competitors I’m blown away at a top 10 finish to the regular season.  I’ll chronicle my playoff run here.  My co-host Dwain also made the playoffs with a top 40 finish.  Two guys from the same pod finishing in the top 40 of 1440… seems pretty good?

The league is great and all but the real winners are the kids that the Fantasy Cares charity helps with toy donations.  Scott Fish and his associates are to be commended for the work they do.  Selfless actions are always overlooked but never underappreciated.  Scott is a hell of a man for what he does.  We are all lucky to be involved with such a program.  This holiday season if you can, give to someone less fortunate.  It might not mean a lot to you, but it will make someone else's day.

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