Dumpster Fire

Well it appears the regular season means nothing and ol’ Polkadaumas Predictions get the Bikini Atoll treatment and gets his brackets nuked and are a huge dumpster fire!  As I’m sitting here in a bigger stupor than usual, I cannot even believe some of the results from well-versed playoff teams completely laying an egg...Tampa, I’m looking in your direction. Not that you’d notice with your heads stuffed deep in bungs! 

Columbus swept the best regular season team like they were a Junior-A squad in St. Catherine, and how similar this Tampa Bay squad reminds me of my 1996 Red Wings, who also set the record for wins and won the Presidents Cup, and then get smashed around by Colorado.  The term was “too pretty, not gritty”. Goodbye Paul Coffey, Keith Primeau and Dino Ciccarelli. Hello Brendan Shanahan and hello to the starting lineup Darren McCarty and Tomas Holmstrom.  Four Stanley Cups later we found that was the right decision.

Tampa has been to two different Conference Finals and this squad looked nothing like those. There is going to be some serious soul searching in that locker room, and does 95 point Brayden Point get paid?  He is a restricted free agent this summer, and you can look below at their roster to see who is due contracts via CapFriendly.com.


There are a lot of unanswered questions which Steve Yzermen will not be there to help with now. He built you the squad, now win. Tampa has numerous holes on the blue line to worry about, as well as fit Point into the salary structure. Or do they?

There have been so many series that just didn’t go close with what I thought, and I’m sure I am not the only one. Dallas ended Nashville’s run last night, and where were the Preds scoring threats?  They were just about rendered useless by Ben Bishop and his stellar net minding, which he did for the two Tampa Conference Final runs. Congrats Dallas.

Calgary, thanks for nothing.  Winnipeg…ditto.  I love seeing the Sea of Red and Whiteout on TV, and me praying for a Canadian team to hoist the Cup again, has almost ended.  Let’s go Leafs!

Two very strong teams who had a good taste of playoff failure and need to right the ships.

Last night Carolina surprisingly forced a game seven and Alex Ovechkin got jobbed on a BS goal called off.  Carolina has the lowest salary in the NHL, a farm system deep with studs, and is already forcing the Cup Champs to a first round game seven. As I called about five years ago, the Carolina Hurricanes will be hosting numerous June Parades in the near future.

Toronto/Boston and San Jose/Las Vegas have game seven’s tonight.

More to come after round one is complete and second round previews, where I hopefully resurrect my Three Eyed Polock skills.

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