Fantasy Defensive Streamers: Week 4

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers 

The Lions handed the Cardinals their first loss of the season on Sunday but the Cardinals are in for a favorable matchup in Week 4 for their defense to bounce back. They have 11 sacks on 20 QB hits this season and have limited passing completions to 61.9% passing completion percentage which is 7th best in the league. They have only allowed one rushing touchdown this season and limited running backs to 4.4 yards per rushing attempt which ranked 16th in the league. 

Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears

The Colts defense should not be on your waiver wire anymore but if for some reason they are, go pick them up now! Three interceptions resulting in two picks 6’s, a safety, and two sacks in Week 3 led them to a dominating performance. Yes, the Jets are bad but despite that, the Colts defense is proving they deserve to be one of the top defenses in the league. They have only allowed 4 touchdowns within the first three weeks and are forcing the lowest ratings by the opposing quarterback rating at 64%. They should have a good outing against the Bears in Week 4. 

Denver Broncos at New York Jets 

Speaking of, the Jets seem to be leading the charge for the 0-16 crown this season. Although the Broncos are very injured and are looking at a disappointing season themselves their defense should be able to hold up against the first team below .500 that they will play this season. The Broncos faced the high-powered offenses of the Titans, Steelers, and Buccaneers in the first three weeks but haven't allowed more than 26 points yet this season. They will be overlooked in Week 4, based on their previous performances, but could be in for a bounceback day against the Jets.


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