Fanteam DFS arrives in the U.S.

When I first wrote about Fanteam on FCF many months ago, it seemed like it would be an eternity before they finally got boots on the ground in America. However, things moved very quickly in the end and finally the big day has almost arrived...and I for one could not be more excited! You can register your account and get it verified, but you cannot deposit just yet. This will happen very soon as Fanteam is getting deposit options set up as quickly as they can, so please be patient. I have had the pleasure of playing fanteam DFS for quite a while now, I have tested every aspect of their site, and its no wonder they are the biggest DFS site across Europe. They recently started trading in Canada and now the USA will get to play all their exciting games and bet on their Sportsbook and other exciting features.

We all know how DraftKings and Fan Duel operate, but when you play Fanteam DFS, one of the first things you will notice is just how different their scoring systems are for all the sports they offer. You will have all the usual popular sports, NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, SOCCER, and GOLF, but there are many more including Tennis and ESports.

A real exciting feature in their Soccer DFS is their version of a showdown, single slate. On Fanteam, it is called PURSUIT, in which you don't have a budget to stick to and you can play anyone you want from either team, you can even pick all the players from the same team so you can pick all defenders or all attackers if you want. So what's the catch? If you fill your team with all the star players then before the game starts you will have a points deduction made and you will start with minus points. On the other hand if you pick all the average players, you will start with extra points. So you make the choice how you start the game and it is why it's called Pursuit. It's a lot of fun and totally different from your norm Showdown.

In baseball you pick ten players, including two pitchers and in each sport offered you will find it a different experience from what you are used to on other platforms. The formats they use have proven to be massively popular across Europe and now you get the chance to get in on the action. You will love it and once you join Fanteam, you won’t want to leave.

The prize money is fantastic as well. The EPL season game is worth more than $1 million dollars in prize money. There are big, match day tournaments spread over the weekend and they have small and large stake games. They even cover games outside of the Premier league.

Another sport that I haven't mentioned which they cover on DFS is Formula one racing., They have a season long game as well as individual games to keep the excitement going each week.

So whatever it is...American sports or soccer, including MLS and English Premier league, or Golf or Formula one racing...Fanteam has you covered for all your DFS needs.

Come join us America and you will get not one, but many great deposit offers from the biggest DFS site in Europe that is now on your doorstep. 

Click my link and you will be guaranteed to get the best offers, including deposit offers, free tournament tickets, and freerolls all included....

If you are quick when you register, you can contact support via chat and they will give you a Free Entry into the Fanteam Million$ plus EPL Season Tournament, but you must do it by noon tomorrow, August 13th.

I'm very proud to have broken this story to FCF readers first when nobody in America had heard of Fanteam, and now the story becomes reality and a new revolution in DFS sports begins. You will be one the first people across the USA to be a part of a fantastic and exciting journey into the future of DFS entertainment. I know you wont be disappointed when you click on my exclusive link. I'll see you all on the inside. Click here

If you feel you could be an affiliate and help us promote Fanteam across America then you can contact me on Twitter @fantasymutt and i will introduce you to the Affiliate Manager for a chat. So calling all website owners, bloggers, etc., if you want to be part of something that's going to be really big and loads of fun, let me know.

If any of you have any questions about anything i have mentioned in this article then get me on my Twitter and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. It really is a new dawn and a new day as Fanteam has landed right across the USA.

Finally, as an affiliate, I get paid a commission if you sign up and I work independently from Fighting Chance Fantasy on this project. Fighting Chance Fantasy does not partner with Fanteam.

Cheers, Fantasymutt

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