Fighting Chance Fantasy Football Mock #3

On July 25th we carried out our third fantasy football mock draft of the year. This one was pretty standard. 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, RB/WR/TE flex, K, DEF and a few bench spots. It was PPR scoring, and four points per passing touchdown. I'm going to waste no more time introducing this draft and get right to the competitors and then the picks. Please follow these folks on Twitter. 

Jennifer Eakins - 4for4 Football - @themondaymommy
Patrick Wisniewski - Fighting Chance Fantasy - @polkapat
Mike Stepney - Fantasy Authority - @mstepney71
Anthony Cervino - Gridiron Experts - @therealNFLguru
Ryan Hallam - Fighting Chance Fantasy - @fightingchance
Steve Rapin - Fighting Chance Fantasy - @fantasygeek37
Joe Gallina - RotoExperts - @joegallina
Nick Faria - fan - @nick__Faria
Kyle Robert - Fake Pigskin - @notoriouskro
Kacey Kasem - Fighting Chance Fantasy - @thekaceykasem
Brian Drake - fan - @softballjesus
Mike Florio - FNTSY Network - @michaelfflorio

Round 1

Round/Pick Team Player
1.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams
1.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy David Johnson, RB, Arizona Cardinals
1.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Le'Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers
1.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Cowboys
1.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
1.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants
1.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Kareem Hunt, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
1.8 Nick Faria Odell Beckham, Jr, WR, New York Giants
1.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Melvin Gordon, RB, Los Angeles Chargers
1.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints
1.11 Brian Drake Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota Vikings
1.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans

Usually in these drafts I always say that the first round went pretty standard. But this time it didn't. I was very surprised to see Alvin Kamara fall to the tenth overall pick, as he is usually sixth or seventh overall. I was also a little surprised to see Odell Beckham go ahead of DeAndre Hopkins. It isn't a crazy pick, but anyone who has been following this site for a while knows my man love for Hopkins. Finally, I was happy to see my boy Dalvin Cook go in the first round. I knew he wouldn't make it back to me in the second, and I like that someone else thinks as highly of him as I do. DeAndre Hopkins as the 12th overall pick is absolute money. 

Round 2

Round/Pick Team Player
2.1 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
2.2 Brian Drake Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons
2.3 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Michael Thomas, WR, New Orleans Saints
2.4 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers
2.5 Nick Faria Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers
2.6 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Devonta Freeman, RB, Atlanta Falcons
2.7 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals
2.8 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers
2.9 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Mike Evans, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2.10 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots
2.11 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals
2.12 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs

As much as I loved Mike Florio's pick to end the first round, I equally love his selection of Leonard Fournette as the first pick in the second round. Hopkins AND Fournette? It's like my wet dream from the 12th spot.  OK, maybe my wet dream is Cook and Hopkins, but I'm not a monogamist when it comes to fantasy football. Kacey Kasem took a receiver I really like in Michael Thomas, and much of the rest of the second round went pretty much as expected. I was a hair surprised to see two tight ends go as Gronk and Kelce were both selected at the back end of the second, but they are both awesome and I don't have a problem with the picks, just surprised me a little. I took Christian McCaffrey. Why? Not sure. I like guys like Jordan Howard better (who I got sniped on in the next round), but in PPR it's hard to argue with a running back that has a really good shot at 80 catches. 

Round 3

Round/Pick Team Player
3.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Adam Theilen, WR, Minnesota Vikings
3.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Amari Cooper, WR, Oakland Raiders
3.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Jerick McKinnon, RB, San Francisco 49ers
3.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Jordan Howard, RB, Chicago Bears
3.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Doug Baldwin, WR, Seattle Seahawks
3.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
3.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers
3.8 Nick Faria Stefon Diggs, WR, Minnesota Vikings
3.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts
3.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals
3.11 Brian Drake Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia Eagles
3.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network LeSean McCoy, RB, Buffalo Bills

Round 3 we saw our first quarterback go and that was Aaron Rodgers to Joe Gallina. I happen to know that he was having some connection problems at the time and it wasn't his intended pick. However, if you are a quarterback early kind of person, take a look at his roster and see if you think if this selection hurt his roster or if it still stayed strong taking a QB that early. Both Vikings receivers went in this round. With Kirk Cousins at the helm, it looks like it should be a very productive season in Minnesota throwing the ball. Can both of these guys live up to a third round ADP? Seems a little unlikely but they are both very talented. Love the Jerick McKinnon pick, I already told you that I wanted Jordan Howard here. Instead I went with Doug Baldwin, which is so unlike me it is crazy. I hate the Seahawks. Like, with a passion I hate them. However, first this is a mock draft so he isn't really on a team of mine. Second, he's really good. The guy is a stud WR2, so I keep my emotion out of it. Third, the Seahawks are gonna have to throw a lot with a swiss cheese offensive line and a shitty defense they are going to be behind a lot. Baldwin should have a good year. 

Round 4

Round/Pick Team Player
4.1 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Josh Gordon, WR, Cleveland Browns
4.2 Brian Drake Kenyan Drake, RB, Miami Dolphins
4.3 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Alex Collins, RB, Baltimore Ravens
4.4 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Demaryius Thomas, WR, Denver Broncos
4.5 Nick Faria Sony Michel, RB, New England Patriots
4.6 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Golden Tate, WR, Detroit Lions
4.7 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks
4.8 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans
4.9 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland Browns
4.10 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Allen Robinson, WR, Chicago Bears
4.11 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Will Fuller, WR, Houston Texans
4.12 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Jay Ajayi, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

Back to Mike Florio again. To end the third round he took LeSean McCoy who may or may not be in trouble with the NFL for this domestic violence situation he was accused of. Mike spun the Wheel of Destiny again to start the fourth round selecting Josh Gordon. In case you live under a rock, Gordon tweeted recently that he was going to be away from the team at the start of camp to make sure to keep his head on straight. This is concerning for a guy with as many substance abuse and seemingly perhaps some mental health issues. So Mike's two picks are either gonna pay off great because he got two talented guys below their usual ADP, or it is going to be Bust City if either or both of these guys miss games. Let's give Mike a round of applause for having some stones! I am a big fan of Kenyan Drake and I do not understand the level of hate he is getting with everyone expecting him to bust this season. I am also digging the picks of Sony Michel, Alex Collins, Golden Tate, and Allen Robinson in this round. No picks stand out to me as questionable here. 

Round 5

Round/Pick Team Player
5.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
5.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Corey Davis, WR, Tennessee Titans
5.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Brandin Cooks, WR, Los Angeles Rams
5.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Derrius Guice, RB, Washington Redskins
5.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Ronald Jones II, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Rashaad Penny, RB, Seattle Seahawks
5.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Michael Crabtree, WR, Baltimore Ravens
5.8 Nick Faria Dion Lewis, RB, Tennessee Titans
5.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Mark Ingram, RB, New Orleans Saints
5.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Marvin Jones, WR, Detroit Lions
5.11 Brian Drake Pierre Garcon, WR, San Francisco 49ers
5.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Alshon Jeffery, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Three rookie running backs went in consecutive picks with Guice, Jones, and Penny. While I like the first two, this won't be the first time that I have said I'm nervous about Penny living up to his draft status. Between Seattle's suspect offensive line that no one has been able to run behind the past few years, and the fact that I believe they will have to throw a lot, personally the fifth round is a little rich for my blood. I get why people like him, he's a dynamic talent, he's just not for me this year. I considered a suspended Mark Ingram here as my third running back but was scared off and he went a few picks later. I'm a big fan of Juju Smith-Schuster here as well as Brandin Cooks, Michael Crabtree, and Pierre Garcon in this round. 

Round 6

Round/Pick Team Player
6.1 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Lamar Miller, RB, Houston Texans
6.2 Brian Drake Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Denver Broncos
6.3 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Jamison Crowder, WR, Washington Redskins
6.4 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin C.J. Anderson, RB, Carolina Panthers
6.5 Nick Faria Deshaun Watson, QB, Houston Texans
6.6 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Devin Funchess, WR, Carolina Panthers
6.7 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers
6.8 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots
6.9 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Marquise Goodwin, WR, San Francisco 49ers
6.10 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers
6.11 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
6.12 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Rex Burkhead, RB, New England Patriots

aaaaaand the quarterbacks began to roll in Round 6. Watson, Brady, Newton, Wentz were all taken this round. My love for Deshaun Watson is well documented in my rankings as well as podcasts, so I was pretty upset he was taken before I could snag him. Brady is Brady. I'm super high on Carson Wentz, but not as much on Cam Newton. I have no trouble with any of them being taken here though. Greg Olsen was the first tight end after the "big three" which makes sense to me. A couple of PPR receivers in Emmanuel Sanders and Jamison Crowder were also taken, as well as the explosive Marquise Goodwin. They were all their team's third receiver, and make sense. 

Round 7

Round/Pick Team Player
7.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Jimmy Graham, TE, Green Bay Packers
7.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Carlos Hyde, RB, Cleveland Browns
7.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Sammy Watkins, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
7.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Kyle Rudolph, TE, Minnesota Vikings
7.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Evan Engram, TE, New York Giants
7.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Royce Freeman, RB, Denver Broncos
7.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Ty Montgomery, RB, Green Bay Packers
7.8 Nick Faria Julian Edelman, WR, New England Patriots
7.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Robert Woods, WR, Los Angeles Rams
7.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Delanie Walker, TE, Tennessee Titans
7.11 Brian Drake Marshawn Lynch, RB, Oakland Raiders
7.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Trey Burton, TE, Chicago Bears

And in Round 7 the tight end gates opened up. Five of them were taken out of the twelve picks in this round. I took Evan Engram because (duh) I love him and I think he will be a top five tight end this year and for many more to come. Jimmy Graham is the one I worry about the most. Not because he isn't good, but he's been getting dinged up more and more in his career, and the Packers haven't really thrown consistently to the tight end in a long time. Will that change with such a productive guy at the position? It could, but I have my doubts. Ultra consistent Kyle Rudolph and Delanie Walker were also drafted, and you can almost pencil their numbers in now if you look at the rest of their careers. You just hope that Walker finds the end zone a little more frequently this season. Finally, Trey Burton went and he is the most interesting tight end this season to me. He didn't get full time reps last year and still put up pretty good numbers. He then found a new team that should also throw to the tight end a good amount, and he will be the number one guy. The opportunity is there for Burton to have a big year. Nick took the suspended Julian Edelman which I think is a solid pick in the seventh round. He will be a great addition to his lineup after he serves out the suspension. A rookie running back that I like also went with Steve taking Royce Freeman. I know word is that Devontae Booker will be the starter for Week 1, but I'm not buying that, I'm on the Freeman hype train. 

Round 8

Round/Pick Team Player
8.1 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis Colts
8.2 Brian Drake Tarik Cohen, RB, Chicago Bears
8.3 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Chris Thompson, RB, Washington Redskins
8.4 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Jamaal Williams, RB, Green Bay Packers
8.5 Nick Faria Duke Johnson, RB, Cleveland Browns
8.6 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Allen Hurns, WR, Dallas Cowboys
8.7 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy DeVante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins
8.8 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Nelson Agholor, WR, Philadelphia Eagles
8.9 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Isaiah Crowell, RB, New York Jets
8.10 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Robby Anderson, WR, New York Jets
8.11 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Jordan Reed, TE, Washington Redskins
8.12 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Chris Hogan, WR, New England Patriots

There were a lot of picks I liked in Round 8, and only a few I didn't like. I am not a Jordan Reed supporter. I think it is when he gets hurt not if, and he usually misses a solid chunk of time. I'm passing on Andrew Luck despite the "good news" that keeps spewing from Indy. We've heard this before. I'm not a believer in DeVante Parker either, but in the eighth round at least he is solid value there. Not a ton of risk if he doesn't produce like people hope. I really liked the four running backs that went in the front of the round. Cohen, Duke Johnson, and Chris Thompson should all be great producers in PPR leagues. And Jamaal Williams will get a chance to begin the season as the starter with Aaron Jones suspended and I like his chances of holding on to that job. Give me all of the Allen Hurns I can handle! I don't know that the Cowboy offense will be very prolific through the air, but I see Hurns being the number one guy and capable of seven to nine touchdowns. 

Round 9

Round/Pick Team Player
9.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints
9.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Tevin Coleman, RB, Atlanta Falcons
9.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams
9.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts D'Onta Foreman, RB, Houston Texans
9.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Sterling Shepard, WR, New York Giants
9.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns
9.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Marlon Mack, RB, Indianapolis Colts
9.8 Nick Faria Aaron Jones, RB, Green Bay Packers
9.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Randall Cobb, WR, Green Bay Packers
9.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Kerryon Johnson, RB, Detroit Lions
9.11 Brian Drake Marqise Lee, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
9.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Theo Riddick, RB, Detroit Lions

Round 9 wasn't exactly full of excitement. It isn't that the players aren't good, I just don't know that I have a very supercharged opinion about them. I love getting Drew Brees this late. Yes, the team ran a lot more, and I think they will again this year, but Brees still had solid numbers. Tevin Coleman should continue to be a very productive back in PPR formats. I like Sterling Shepard to get back to the seven to nine touchdown range. Nick Chubb might get blocked by Carlos Hyde, but if Chubb looks explosive in preseason he might make his way on the field more regularly. Randall Cobb should be a nice PPR value if he can stay healthy. I also really like rookie Kerryon Johnson. I'm hoping he is the first 1,000 yard rushing back for the Lions in a decade.

Round 10

Round/Pick Team Player
10.1 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Kenny Stills, WR, Miami Dolphins
10.2 Brian Drake Chris Ivory, RB, Buffalo Bills
10.3 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Michael Gallup, WR, Dallas Cowboys
10.4 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs
10.5 Nick Faria D.J. Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers
10.6 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Jordy Nelson, WR, Oakland Raiders
10.7 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Josh Doctson, WR, Washington Redskins
10.8 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Giovani Bernard, RB, Cincinnati Bengals
10.9 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Cameron Meredith, WR, New Orleans Saints
10.10 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers
10.11 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Jack Doyle, TE, Indianapolis Colts
10.12 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis Colts

I love the potential of Pat Mahomes. I think he has a long, successful career in the NFL ahead of him. However, I do warn against making him your starting fantasy quarterback unless you have a very solid number two behind him in case he struggles. Nyheim Hines has a real shot at getting a good number of carries this year, and I like him at this spot. I took Gio Bernard as a great source of receptions, and Chris Ivory could be valuable of LeSean McCoy gets suspended. My favorite pick of the round is Cameron Meredith though with his new home in New Orleans. He has shown flashes of potential in subpar offenses before and now goes to one of the best. I still think Jordy Nelson will still be good in Oakland, just not what he was in Green Bay. Kenny Stills should have a really solid season in Miami with touchdowns. Can Michael Gallup be the best rookie receiver? I think he has a shot with his situation in Dallas. 

Round 11

Round/Pick Team Player
11.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions
11.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Paul Richardson, WR, Washington Redskins
11.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority James White, RB, New England Patriots
11.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Rishard Matthews, WR, Tennessee Titans
11.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Austin Ekeler, RB, Los Angeles Chargers
11.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Devontae Booker, RB, Denver Broncos
11.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Ben Watson, TE, New Orleans Saints
11.8 Nick Faria Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Arizona Cardinals
11.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Christian Kirk, WR, Arizona Cardinals
11.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Corey Clement, RB, Philadelphia Eagles
11.11 Brian Drake Anthony Miller, WR, Chicago Bears
11.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Buffalo Bills

Round 11 saw a little bit of everything go. Matthew Stafford was the lone quarterback. Ben Watson who I love, and Ricky Seals-Jones who I think is a little overrated both were taken at tight end. I like the pick of Paul Richardson, as well as Anthony Miller. I also think that Christian Kirk can have an impact in his rookie season as after Fitz, the Cards don't have much at wide receiver. My favorite running back pick of the round was Corey Clement. I'm not 100% sold that Ajayi will continue to have the same level of success, and perhaps Clement can eat into that some and have some fantasy value. 

Round 12

Round/Pick Team Player
12.1 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Dez Bryant, WR, Free Agent
12.2 Brian Drake Kirk Cousins, QB, Minnesota Vikings
12.3 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Chris Carson, RB, Seattle Seahawks
12.4 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin George Kittle, TE, San Francisco 49ers
12.5 Nick Faria Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta Falcons
12.6 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Quincy Enunwa, WR, New York Jets
12.7 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Jacksonville Jaguars D/ST
12.8 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Dede Westbrook, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
12.9 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts David Njoku, TE, Cleveland Browns
12.10 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Matt Breida, RB, San Francisco 49ers
12.11 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Keelan Cole, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
12.12 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle Seahawks

Dez Bryant doesn't have a team yet, but he still led off Round 12 as Mike Florio's Draft of Great Risk continued. Bryant will have a team before the season starts, it will just be a matter of what he has left in the tank. Kirk Cousins in the 12th round is just highway robbery. Highway. Robbery. Chris Carson has a chance to succeed if he can have a good preseason or if Penny struggles. I really like what I saw from George Kittle last year and think he will be even better in 2018. Can Quincy Enunwa return to form after his neck injury last season? If healthy, he is a guy I like to put up decent stats. Two explosive Jaguar receivers both went this round as well. Both Westbrook and Cole had some explosive games, with Cole having a few more than Westbrook. How the targets in Jacksonville play out will be fascinating to watch. Can David Njoku get on the field more this year? I think he will and is an ideal TE2. 

Round 13

Round/Pick Team Player
13.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Mike Williams, WR, Los Angeles Chargers
13.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Philip Rivers, QB, Los Angeles Chargers
13.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority O.J. Howard, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
13.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, San Francisco 49ers
13.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Jared Goff, QB, Los Angeles Rams
13.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Kenny Golladay, WR, Detroit Lions
13.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Spencer Ware, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
13.8 Nick Faria T.J. Yeldon, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
13.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Jordan Wilkins, RB, Indianapolis Colts
13.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Los Angeles Rams D/ST
13.11 Brian Drake Philadelphia Eagles D/ST
13.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Minnesota Vikings D/ST

Three defenses did go in Round 13 and they are three of the best with the Rams, Eagles, and Vikings. Three quarterbacks also went with Rivers and Goff taken as QB2s and Jimmy Garoppolo went as Anthony Cervino's first and only quarterback. Nice to get a solid starter in the 13th round. My favorite pick of the round though is Mike Williams. A first round pick last year who couldn't stay healthy, Williams is good to go now and should find himself to be a great red zone target in a pass happy offense. Gotta love that pick. Kenny Golladay looks to build on his rookie season where he showed flashes of potential, but the Lions and fantasy players want more. Speaking of showing flashes but wanting more, O.J. Howard was also taken in Round 13. This kid has serious skills and had a few really good games. Can he show enough to keep Cameron Brate on the sidelines more often? I think he can. 

Round 14

Round/Pick Team Player
14.1 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network LeGarrette Blount, RB, Detroit Lions
14.2 Brian Drake Greg Zuerlein, K, Los Angeles Rams
14.3 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Stephen Gostkowski, K, New England Patriots
14.4 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Los Angeles Chargers D/ST
14.5 Nick Faria Houston Texans D/ST
14.6 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Baltimore Ravens D/ST
14.7 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Corey Coleman, WR, Cleveland Browns
14.8 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Denver Broncos D/ST
14.9 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Carolina Panthers D/ST
14.10 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy New Orleans Saints D/ST
14.11 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football New England Patriots D/ST

Obviously the last two rounds are full of kickers and defense, with a few exceptions. Kacey Kasem waited the entire draft to take her starting quarterback, going with Matt Ryan in the 15th. While I likely wouldn't use this strategy, it goes to show how deep quarterback is, and if you want to wait what you can end up with. The Josh Gordon news makes Corey Coleman someone to consider again, and the Edelman suspension gives Jordan Matthews a chance to show his worth to Tom Brady. Finally, LeGarrette Blount looks to plow into the endzone a half dozen times this year and get himself some fantasy value. 

Round 15

Round/Pick Team Player
15.1 Jennifer Eakins, 4 for 4 Football Justin Tucker, K, Baltimore Ravens
15.2 Patrick Wisniewski, Fighting Chance Fantasy Jake Elliott, K, Philadelphia Eagles
15.3 Mike Stepney, The Fantasy Authority Wil Lutz, K, New Orleans Saints
15.4 Anthony Cervino, Gridiron Experts Harrison Butker, K, Kansas City Chiefs
15.5 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy Robbie Gould, K, San Francisco 49ers
15.6 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy Matt Bryant, K, Atlanta Falcons
15.7 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts Chris Boswell, K, Pittsburgh Steelers
15.8 Nick Faria Ryan Succop, K, Tennessee Titans
15.9 Kyle Robert, Fake Pigskin Matt Prater, K, Detroit Lions
15.10 Kacey Kasem, Fighting Chance Fantasy Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons
15.11 Brian Drake Jordan Matthews, WR, New England Patriots
15.12 Mike Florio, FNTSY Network Dustin Hopkins, K, Washington Redskins

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