Fighting Chance Football Mock Draft #4

On Wednesday, August 2nd, ten of the more respected names in fantasy football joined Steve and Ryan for the fourth in our series of preseason mock drafts. We are always very appreciative to those who join our mock drafts, as this is an extremely busy time of year for these folks between pumping out content for people to read, radio shows, videos, other people asking them to do things, and their own drafts themselves. We have entered the month of August so there's really just a little over a month to go before the season starts. Preseason games have begun, and now we will really get to see some position battles come more into clarity. The format of this draft is simple. 15 rounds, 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, FLEX, K, DEF/ST, PPR scoring. Without any more lead in, let's just get to the participants and their picks. Do yourself a favor now, if you don't already, follow these folks on Twitter. They are amazing!

Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney)
Mike Harmon, (@swollendome)
Michael Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist)
Bob Harris, Football Diehard (@footballdiehard)
Steve Gardner, USA Today (@SteveAGardner)
Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@JustinMasonFWFB)
Jim Day, Scout Fantasy Sports (@fantasytaz)
Joe Gallina, Rotoexperts (@joegallina)
John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37)
Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy)

Round 1

Round/Pick Team Player
1.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) David Johnson, RB, Arizona Cardinals
1.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Le'Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers
1.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
1.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants
1.5 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Cowboys
1.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons
1.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Mike Evans, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Devonta Freeman, RB, Atlanta Falcons
1.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) LeSean McCoy, RB, Buffalo Bills
1.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Melvin Gordon, RB, Los Angeles Chargers
1.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals
1.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Jordan Howard, RB, Chicago Bears

The first round went pretty standard without many surprises, and I can't say that I am shocked. The interesting part to me was Ezekiel Elliott. In our previous drafts he had gone earlier. However, the news of a possible short suspension did push him to fifth, falling to Bob Harris. Personally, I would still probably take him fourth after Antonio Brown, but I can't fault Mike Hauff of Gridiron Experts for being a little cautious when you have a great fallback option like Odell Beckham. At pick 10 I was debating between Melvin Gordon and Jordy Nelson. I eventually took Gordon because there were more receivers left that I liked if Nelson didn't fall to me (Thomas, Green, Cooper, Dez) than running backs, as Jordan Howard was the last one I would have been happy with. And sometimes the draft Gods shine down on you because I took Gordon, and Jordy was still there waiting for me in the next round.

Round 2

Round/Pick Team Player
2.1 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Michael Thomas, WR, New Orleans Saints
2.2 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts
2.3 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Jordy Nelson, WR, Green Bay Packers
2.4 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Jay Ajayi, RB, Miami Dolphins
2.5 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas Cowboys
2.6 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Amari Cooper, WR, Oakland Raiders
2.7 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Demarco Murray, RB, Tennessee Titans
2.8 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Terrelle Pryor, WR, Washington Redskins
2.9 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams
2.10 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots
2.11 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Brandin Cooks, WR, New Orleans Saints
2.12 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Jarvis Landry, WR, Miami Dolphins

A lot of Round 2 is also fairly standard. Howard Bender kicks it off with a great pick in Michael Thomas. This second year kid looks like he has a long career of fantasy stardom ahead of him. I believe that 16th overall might be the latest that we have seen Jay Ajayi go in any of our mocks. You all know that personally I am not a fan, but I have seen him go well in the first round. Perhaps the recent concussion in practice might have scared a few folks away. As much as I am not a fan I can buy him in the second round, so not bad value for Joe Gallina. Terrelle Pryor is a receiver that I am very high on and he goes 20th overall to Bob Harris. His production to live up to this draft position is now getting close to the high end of my projection for him, so he has to live up to the hype if you take him here. Michael Hauff from Gridiron Experts takes Todd Gurley, and he is another guy that I am fairly high on. The Rams brought in an offensive coach and a couple of new linemen to hopefully get Gurley more like the guy in his rookie year and less like last year's disaster. Rob Gronkowski went to Mike Harmon in the second round. Personally, I like Gronk more in the third, but regardless of where you pick him just be sure that you have a solid backup for him because of his recent injury problems.

Round 3

Round/Pick Team Player
3.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
3.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers
3.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Lamar Miller, RB, Houston Texans
3.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Alshon Jeffery, WR, Philadelphia Eagles
3.5 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers
3.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Doug Baldwin, WR, Seattle Seahawks
3.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Allen Robinson, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
3.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Isaiah Crowell, RB, Cleveland Browns
3.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Sammy Watkins, WR, Buffalo Bills
3.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans
3.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs
3.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Michael Crabtree, WR, Oakland Raiders

The third round started with two rookie running backs in Leonard Fournette to Steve Rapin and Christian McCaffrey to Tim Heaney with the next pick. There is a lot of hype surrounding the rookie running back class in 2017. While both are in great positions to get the lion's share of the carries in both Jacksonville and Carolina, you do have to have a little concern about rookies. Both McCaffrey and Fournette dominated in college, so I assume they will both do very well and be a big part of their team's offenses. If you want these guys, this is probably where you are going to have to take them so be sure to have your opinions set going into your drafts. Almost the entire rest of the third round is wide receivers with the exception of Isaiah Crowell and Travis Kelce who are also solid picks. I like another tight end over Kelce, but he is one of the best pass catchers at the position, so he is a fine third round pick. I took DeAndre Hopkins because I love him. In a you catch touchdowns, and I get points kind of way. I know he wasn't great last year but he will be this year and to get him near the end of the third had me with a little tingly feeling in my pants.

Round 4

Round/Pick Team Player
4.1 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Mark Ingram, RB, New Orleans Saints
4.2 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Carlos Hyde, RB, San Francisco 49ers
4.3 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Demaryius Thomas, WR, Denver Broncos
4.4 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Golden Tate, WR, Detroit Lions
4.5 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Marshawn Lynch, RB, Oakland Raiders
4.6 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers
4.7 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers
4.8 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) C.J. Anderson, RB, Denver Broncos
4.9 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Julian Edelman, WR, New England Patriots
4.10 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Spencer Ware, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
4.11 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Carolina Panthers
4.12 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals

I nearly took Marshawn Lynch again. That would have been three straight drafts, and believe me I thought about it. However, I couldn't pass up Demaryius Thomas who could easily catch 90 balls and ten touchdowns in the fourth round. After Joe Gallina took another solid PPR receiver in Golden Tate, Lynch did go fifth pick of the fourth round to Jim Day. I am fairly confident that Lynch will have a good season, but even if he struggles some, he should score enough short touchdowns to warrant this draft position. Justin Mason took our first quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. He is the best, and Justin let us know that he was going with the "Zero RB" strategy so once he took three wideouts why not get the best QB? Bob Harris took C.J. Anderson, a guy that I am slowly gaining more confidence in. I've never been a Jamaal Charles fan (not to mention he's coming off another injury), and Devontae Booker looked like crap last year. I think if he stays healthy that Anderson is going to be the back in Denver to own. To finish the round Steve Rapin took Joe Mixon. Soooooo many people are super high on him. I am worried with Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill being veterans and still on the roster that I'm not sure I see how Mixon gets 225-250 carries. He has a ton of talent and if he impresses early he could push those guys to very limited roles, but until I see more in the preseason, I'm not sold.

Round 5

Round/Pick Team Player
5.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Stefon Diggs, WR, Minnesota Vikings
5.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Ty Montgomery, RB, Green Bay Packers
5.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots
5.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Danny Woodhead, RB, Baltimore Ravens
5.5 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota Vikings
5.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) DeSean Jackson, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers
5.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals
5.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
5.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints
5.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Jordan Reed, TE, Washington Redskins
5.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) DeVante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins

The fifth round was bookended by two wide receiver picks that I really liked. The round started with Steve Rapin taking Stefon Diggs. Now, I don't have a ton of confidence in the Minnesota passing game, but even when the offense was a mess last year, Diggs still put up solid numbers. With a lot less in flux going into 2017, I think he can do even better. The last pick was to Howard Bender with DeVante Parker. The news of Ryan Tannehill's injury does hurt him some, but this kid has explosive talent, we just haven't seen it come to fruition yet. The sixth round is a great place to take that chance. Mike Harmon stole Tom Brady on me, as I was planning again to get one of the elite quarterbacks and even at age 40 Brady could be the best. Instead I had to "settle" for Drew Brees a handful of picks later. Both are great selections there if you are going to take a quarterback early. Bob Harris took one of my favorites this year in Dalvin Cook. I love his talent and his opportunity as I don't think the Vikings have anyone viable to take many carries from him. As long as he stays out of trouble I think Cook is a steal here. Mike Hauff took Danny Woodhead who has good value in PPR leagues. He is a virtual lock for 75-80 receptions.

Round 6

Round/Pick Team Player
6.1 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Ameer Abdullah, RB, Detroit Lions
6.2 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Donte Moncrief, WR, Indianapolis Colts
6.3 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Mike Gillislee, RB, New England Patriots
6.4 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons
6.5 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Brandon Marshall, WR, New York Giants
6.6 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Bilal Powell, RB, New York Jets
6.7 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Jamison Crowder, WR, Washington Redskins
6.8 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Martavis Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
6.9 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Denver Broncos
6.10 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Cameron Meredith, WR, Chicago Bears
6.11 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Tyrell Williams, WR, Los Angeles Chargers
6.12 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Willie Snead, WR, New Orleans Saints

The sixth round was started with Ameer Abdullah to Howard Bender. This is a guy I have a hard time with. If he's healthy he could be a big contributor. If he fumbles a lot off the start, he could see his butt on the bench a lot. And of course the health concerns. The risk is lower in the sixth round, but I would be stressed personally if I took Abdullah. Assuming Andrew Luck is healthy I really like John Halpin taking Donte Moncrief. He has a chance to be a high volume reception guy with a decent number of touchdowns. I took Mike Gillislee as my second running back because I think he has high touchdown potential. Bob Harris took Martavis Bryant who everyone is very high on. I want to see him reinstated and him in a preseason game or two before I get on his bandwagon. The rest of the round I loved. Emmanuel Sanders has the ability (not saying he will) to catch 100 passes. Cam Meredith should be the number one receiver for the Bears and last year he showed some big play potential. Another receiver who showed he could make the big play was Tyrell Williams. With rookie Mike Williams limited if not out for a while, Tyrell should be looking at a lot of targets. And finally, Steve finished it up with Willie Snead who might not get as many yards or touchdowns as Michael Thomas, but I believe he will be a very valuable number two receiver in New Orleans.

Round 7

Round/Pick Team Player
7.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Jimmy Graham, TE, Seattle Seahawks
7.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) John Brown, WR, Arizona Cardinals
7.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Eric Decker, WR, Tennessee Titans
7.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Paul Perkins, RB, New York Giants
7.5 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Pierre Garcon, WR, San Francisco 49ers
7.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Eddie Lacy, RB, Seattle Seahawks
7.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Theo Riddick, RB, Detroit Lions
7.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Jeremy Maclin, WR, Baltimore Ravens
7.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Kyle Rudolph, TE, Minnesota Vikings
7.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Tevin Coleman, RB, Atlanta Falcons
7.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Randall Cobb, WR, Green Bay Packers
7.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis Colts

Round 7 was started by Steve when he took Jimmy Graham. I am not a fan of Graham's actions on the field, but the more I remember his production, it is hard to argue this pick. I'm very curious to see where in the targets pecking order Eric Decker lands in Tennessee. I think he has a chance to be first, second, or third. He is a solid, reliable receiver who also has some deceptive speed. I like Michael Hauff's pick of Paul Perkins as I think he will be given every opportunity to be the lead back for the Giants. Hopefully they can run the ball better this year. My favorite pick of the round is Bob Harris and Pierre Garcon. He is by FAR the most reliable receiver for the 49ers, and with an improving offense, I think Garcon could get a ton of targets. I'm not saying by any stretch he is a top 20 receiver, but picking him up in the seventh round as the 41st receiver taken was great. I'm struggling to get on the Eddie Lacy bandwagon as Steve Gardner took him, but if he does perform, Lacy could score a lot of touchdowns. Howard Bender took Andrew Luck with the last pick of the seventh round. If he is indeed healthy and ready to go Week 1, this is an amazing value for Howard. A healthy Luck generally goes two rounds earlier.

Round 8

Round/Pick Team Player
8.1 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Adam Theilen, WR, Minnesota Vikings
8.2 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) LeGarrette Blount, RB, Philadelphia Eagles
8.3 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Delanie Walker, TE, Tennessee Titans
8.4 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Rishard Matthews, WR, Tennessee Titans
8.5 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks
8.6 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8.7 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) C.J. Prosise, RB, Seattle Seahawks
8.8 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Tyler Eifert, TE, Cincinnati Bengals
8.9 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia Eagles
8.10 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Adrian Peterson, RB, New Orleans Saints
8.11 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans
8.12 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans

At least two players from every position were selected in Round 8. The two quarterbacks were Russell Wilson to Jim Day and Steve ended the round with Marcus Mariota. My feelings on Wilson and the porous Seahawk offensive line are well documented, so no sense going over that again. I do really like Mariota here. Although there are still a few quarterbacks on the board that I like better, it is certainly not a stretch for him here. With his improved weapons and another year of seasoning, I like the pick. I think John Halpin got great value with LeGarrette Blount here. In no universe will he match his 18 touchdowns from last season, but I do believe he will be the primary ball carrier for the Eagles. Ryan Mathews sucks and Darren Sproles is more of a pass catcher. Doug Martin and C.J. Prosise are two very interesting guys. Can Martin step back into his job once he returns from the three game suspension? And can Prosise stay healthy and get enough touches with Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls in town. We know he will catch some passes, and those two are injury riddled so I think Prosise is a good eighth round bet. Finally, if Tyler Eifert is as healthy as he says he is, Bob Harris looks like a genius. I still would have selected a second tight end if I were him, but I'm sure if this was a real draft and not a mock he would have. Eifert is extremely talented and a touchdown magnet, but he is hurt a lot. Fingers crossed Bob!

Round 9

Round/Pick Team Player
9.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Duke Johnson, RB, Cleveland Browns
9.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers
9.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Corey Coleman, WR, Cleveland Browns
9.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Kirk Cousins, QB, Washington Redskins
9.5 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Terrance West, RB, Baltimore Ravens
9.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Hunter Henry, TE, Los Angeles Chargers
9.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Josh Doctson, WR, Washington Redskins
9.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Martellus Bennett, TE, Green Bay Packers
9.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
9.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Robert Woods, WR, Los Angeles Rams
9.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions
9.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Sterling Shepard, WR, New York Giants

Round 9 had a number of picks that I found interesting. The first is Terrance West by Bob Harris. With Kenneth Dixon lost for the year, many are pushing the Danny Woodhead train. While it does help Woodhead, he won't be the primary beneficiary of the Dixon injury. Woodhead isn't a run the ball 15 times a game type of guy, but Terrance West is. And while he didn't exactly excel when Dixon was out last year, he more than held his own. I think West in the ninth round is a solid pick. Steve Gardner got a hell of a tight end this late in Hunter Henry. He is supposed to be taking the primary tight end role for the Chargers this year, and he had eight touchdowns as the second stringer. It should be a good one for Henry. I took Robert Woods of the Rams. He has been a solid veteran receiver for the Bills, and with Kenny Britt gone in Los Angeles someone has to catch the ball right? Why not Woods? Finally, Joe Gallina took Jacquizz Rodgers and I love it! Rodgers was borderline on very good when Doug Martin was hurt last year. And he will be the starter for the first three games when Martin is suspended and if he can have a 100 yard game or two, Rodgers could carve himself a little consistent role in the offense. I think grabbing him in the ninth is solid work!

Round 10

Round/Pick Team Player
10.1 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Austin Hooper, TE, Atlanta Falcons
10.2 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Kenny Britt, WR, Cleveland Browns
10.3 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Frank Gore, RB, Indianapolis Colts
10.4 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders
10.5 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Eric Ebron, TE, Detroit Lions
10.6 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Jordan Matthews, WR, Philadelphia Eagles
10.7 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Jameis Winston, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10.8 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Mike Wallace, WR, Baltimore Ravens
10.9 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Corey Davis, WR, Tennessee Titans
10.10 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Marlon Mack, RB, Indianapolis Colts
10.11 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Julius Thomas, TE, Miami Dolphins
10.12 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) James White, RB, New England Patriots

Let's run really quickly through Round 10. John Halpin took Kenny Britt hoping that he can fill in for the void left by Terrelle Pryor. Hopefully the Browns can get more consistent quarterback play this year. I took Frank Gore because it is the tenth round, he's going to be a starter, and he has a chance at yet another 1,000 yard season because he seems to be ageless. Joe Gallina got one of my favorite later round fantasy quarterbacks in David Carr. I think he will throw 30 touchdowns. Jim Day took Eric Ebron hoping that this is the year he finally lives up to his potential. Steve Gardner got his starting quarterback, and a good one, in Jameis Winston which is a great tenth round pick. Mike Harmon took Marlon Mack who very well might be in line for carries if Frank Gore does finally break down, although Robert Turbin is in the mix too. Finally, Tim Heaney took Julius Thomas who I really want to believe is going to be a very good fantasy tight end again. He reunites with his old coach in Adam Gase, my only concern for Thomas is his health concerns. Well, the injury to Ryan Tannehill does too, but this draft was done before that news came out.

Round 11

Round/Pick Team Player
11.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Marvin Jones, WR, Detroit Lions
11.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Samaje Perine, RB, Washington Redskins
11.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers
11.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina Panthers
11.5 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Andy Dalton, QB, Cincinnati Bengals
11.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys
11.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Kareem Hunt, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
11.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants
11.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Zay Jones, WR, Buffalo Bills
11.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Kevin White, WR, Chicago Bears
11.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Rob Kelley, RB, Washington Redskins
11.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Chris Thompson, RB, Washington Redskins

If you want to know how up in the air the Redskins backfield is, just know that three of their running backs were all taken in this round. Tim Heaney started it with Samaje Perine, John Halpin took Rob Kelley with the 11th pick in the round, and Howard Bender finished it off with pass catching back Chris Thompson. Thompson's role is probably the most secure. He will run the ball near 100 times and make 50 catches and he is a solid late round pick. All of our mock drafts have favored Samaje Perine as the starter in Washington. However, early reports are that he is not picking up his blocking assignments well in camp, and he has showed a little fumbling problem. Fat Rob Kelley certainly ran out of gas at the end of last year, but the coaching staff knows him and he has been successful. As of this date, I think Kelley is the favorite at least to begin the year as the starter. I picked Kevin White as a former top ten first round pick who has been injured and struggling with confidence. However, if he gets it right, White is an elite talent. Joe Gallina took Zay Jones who looks to be the top receiver on the Bills. You know, once Sammy Watkins gets hurt in Week 2. Mike Harmon took the best quarterback left as his backup in Ben Roethlisberger. And Justin Mason is hoping that rookie Kareem Hunt can take carries away from Spencer Ware in Kansas City.

Round 12

Round/Pick Team Player
12.1 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) D'onta Foreman, RB, Houston Texans
12.2 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Rex Burkhead, RB, New England Patriots
12.3 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Joe Williams, RB, San Francisco 49ers
12.4 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Taylor Gabriel, WR, Atlanta Falcons
12.5 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Matt Forte, RB, New York Jets
12.6 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Chris Conley, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
12.7 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Charles Sims, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12.8 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Philip Rivers, QB, Los Angeles Chargers
12.9 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Quincy Enunwa, WR, New York Jets
12.10 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Cameron Brate, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12.11 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Breshad Perriman, WR, Baltimore Ravens
12.12 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Jamaal Charles, RB, Denver Broncos

The 12th round was a bit of a hodge podge, as 12th rounds will often be. I was happy with my pick of Joe Williams, the rookie for the 49ers that was thought to push Carlos Hyde for carries. Hyde has looked good in camp early, and Williams is lagging a little behind, but there's plenty of time. Bob Harris got the steal of the round with Philip Rivers in the 12th. Rivers is a guy who has thrown 30+ touchdowns in three of the last four seasons and I think will do it again. Getting a starting fantasy quarterback this late is great work. Joe Gallina took a boom or bust guy in Taylor Gabriel. He is killer fast and can get behind the defense and score in the blink of an eye. Only problem with him is if he does have a game without that big play, his catch volume doesn't get you big points. Michael Hauff went with Quincy Enunwa who should be the receiver on the Jets who gets the most targets. If New York can get any sort of decent quarterback play, Enunwa could be solid in PPR leagues.

Round 13

Round/Pick Team Player
13.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Houston Texans D/ST
13.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Marqise Lee, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
13.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Denver Broncos D/ST
13.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Ted Ginn Jr, WR, New Orleans Saints
13.5 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Kenny Stills, WR, Miami Dolphins
13.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Justin Tucker, K, Baltimore Ravens
13.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Laquon Treadwell, WR, Minnesota Vikings
13.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Cole Beasley, WR, Dallas Cowboys
13.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Jonathan Williams, RB, Buffalo Bills
13.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Jamaal Williams, RB, Green Bay Packers
13.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Carolina Panthers D/ST
13.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Torrey Smith, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Three teams broke the mold and took their team defense in the 13th round. Steve Rapin started the fun with the Houston Texans who are among the best defenses. Two picks later Mike Harmon took the vaunted Broncos defense, and John Halpin took his hometown Panthers with the second to last pick of the round. All three are solid defense and if you are going to start the defense selections, they aren't bad choices. I liked Tim Heaney taking the chance on Marqise Lee late. He showed signs of becoming fantasy relevant last year and he might be able to carry it over. I also like Kenny Stills to Bob Harris. Stills might not get a ton of receptions, but he will score at least seven touchdowns. Joe Gallina took Jonathan Williams who will be the backup to LeSean McCoy, but won't have a ton of value if McCoy stays healthy. I took Jamaal Williams who will look to score a role in the Packers running game even if Ty Montgomery does stay healthy. The fourth round pick is taking some early reps in camp already so we will see how the carries will shake out.

Round 14

Round/Pick Team Player
14.1 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Kansas City Chiefs D/ST
14.2 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Tavon Austin, WR, Los Angeles Rams
14.3 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) New York Giants D/ST
14.4 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Minnesota Vikings D/ST
14.5 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Jacksonville Jaguars D/ST
14.6 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Stephen Gostkowski, K, New England Patriots
14.7 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) Seattle Seahawks D/ST
14.8 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Arizona Cardinals D/ST
14.9 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) New England Patriots D/ST
14.10 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Matt Bryant, K, Atlanta Falcons
14.11 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST
14.12 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Dan Bailey, K, Dallas Cowboys

The last two rounds typically are mostly team defenses and kickers and this draft was no different. I took the New York Giants who were one of the better defenses last season, and Landon Collins is a turnover machine and also has the talent to take it back for a touchdown. But I am also a fan of Joe Gallina taking the Vikings, Howard Bender taking the Chiefs, and Mike Hauff selecting the Patriots. As far as kickers go, Wil Lutz is my guy! He has a big leg, kicks indoors, and his division is all either domes or warm weather places so you don't have to worry about bad weather in half of his games. Stephen Gostkowski to Justin Mason, and Cairo Santos to Bob Harris are also great ways to end the draft.

Round 15

Round/Pick Team Player
15.1 Steve Rapin, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fantasygeek37) Jermaine Kearse, WR, Seattle Seahawks
15.2 Tim Heaney, Rotowire (@tim_heaney) Wil Lutz, K, New Orleans Saints
15.3 Mike Harmon, (@swollendome) Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams
15.4 Mike Hauff, Gridiron Experts (@TheFFRealist) Adam Vinatieri, K, Indianapolis Colts
15.5 Bob Harris, Football Diehards (@footballdiehard) Cairo Santos, K, Kansas City Chiefs
15.6 Steve Gardner, USA Today Sports (@SteveAGardner) J.J. Nelson, WR, Arizona Cardinals
15.7 Justin Mason, Friends With Fantasy Benefits (@justinmasonFWFB) Los Angeles Rams D/ST
15.8 Jim Day, Scout Fantasy (@fantasytaz) Mason Crosby, K, Green Bay Packers
15.9 Joe Gallina, RotoExperts (@joegallina) Matt Prater, K, Detroit Lions
15.10 Ryan Hallam, Fighting Chance Fantasy (@fightingchance) Sebastian Janikowski, K, Oakland Raiders
15.11 John Halpin, Rotowire (@jhalpin37) Brandon McManus, K, Denver Broncos
15.12 Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm (@rotobuzzguy) Caleb Sturgis, K. Philadelphia Eagles

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