Five Game Parlay: Week 13

Happy Thanksgiving friends and welcome to Week 13 of the Five Game Parlay! We are getting to the home stretch of the competition and it is anyone’s contest! We wanted to be able to use the Thanksgiving games so you are getting the Parlay a little early this week. Before you get to that turkey, get to the standings and the picks!

Gary 35-25 (2-3)
Ryan 32-27-1 (2-3)
Steve 32-28 (3-2)
Drake 31-29 (1-4)
Joe 28-31-1 (3-2)

Gary’s Picks

Green Bay Packers -6.5 over New York Giants. While the Giants haven’t been as terrible a team as we all expected, I don’t think they have the fire power to keep up with the Packers offense. With the decline of Saquon Barkley the last few weeks, Daniel Jones has had to carry the team, and has done a pretty good job. However,  the Giants defense straight up sucks, and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will be reeling from the ass whooping put on them by the 49ers. I expect a healthy dose of Aaron Jones and Davante Adams throughout this game with multiple (several?) Aaron Rodgers’ touchdowns.

Tennessee Titans +3 over Indianapolis Colts. The Titans may have found their bridge quarterback or their longer term quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. He keeps making plays and even when he runs cold for a couple drives he has Derrick Henry to bulldoze through opponent defenses. The Titans above average defense should do well to contain Brissett and a banged up TY Hilton. If they can contain Johnathan Williams then I see an upset in this game as the Colts come back down to Earth after a very impressive first half of the season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1 over Jacksonville Jaguars. Why is this line in the Jags favor? The Winston led Bucs just had an impressive win over the false bravado that was the Atlanta Falcons. When Winston gets going he does awesome things with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. While there will be turnovers by Winston, I think in the end it will be Nick Foles who ends up costing the Jags the game. He is good, but not sure he will be able to overcome the onslaught of points given up the Jags defense.

New York Jets -3.5 over Cincinnati Bengals. Is a formerly benched and pissed off Andy Dalton scarier than normal Andy Dalton? Maybe, but without John Ross and AJ Green I don’t think the Bengals will be able to move the ball too well, even against the hapless Jets defense. However, Sam Darnold has been showing why he may still be a franchise QB with play makers around him on offense. I think the Jets have another impressive point spread over their opponents.

New England Patriots -3 over Houston Texans. I want this pick to be wrong, but I don’t know how you believe the Texans can come close to competing with this Patriots team. Stephen Gilmore versus Deandre Hopkins will be one of the best matchups of the week… or of the season! But ultimately I trust Belichick to contain Fuller and frequently pressure Watson. Without Hopkins and Fuller I don’t think Watson will be to battle his way back to within 3 points. All with the caveat that the Pats offense just looks off as of late… 

Ryan’s Picks

Chicago Bears -3 over Detroit Lions. Jeff Driskel actually isn’t bad, but once we got word that he wasn’t going to play, this becomes even easier for the Bears. Mitch Trubisky completely sucks, but the Lions pass defense is worse. This one might not be high scoring and you might fall asleep if you are eating turkey early, but the Bears win this one by at least a touchdown.

Green Bay Packers -6.5 over New York Giants. The Packers are going to look for a big bounceback game this week after my 49ers paddled their asses last Sunday night. The Giants defense is totally awful and Daniel Jones never stops turning the ball over. This one might be in New York, but it will be a points party for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack.

Kansas City Chiefs -9.5 over Oakland Raiders.  The Raiders defense just made Sam Darnold look like John Elway, and Patrick Mahomes should really make them his bitch. Mahomes is definitely banged up but the Raiders were just blown out by the Jets so this should be no problem for the Chiefs.

Cleveland Browns -2 over Pittsburgh Steelers. There is going to be some bad blood in this one, and we may see some ejections, but this comes down to one thing. Devlin Hodges. He came in last week and was better than Mason Rudolph, but I could be better than Mason Rudolph right now. The Steelers offense is going to have a real hard time moving the ball. Baker Mayfield has found his way and will lead his team to victory on the road.

Los Angeles Chargers -2.5 over Denver Broncos. Man, I am picking against all of the replacement quarterbacks this week. Whether it is shitty Brandon Allen or rookie Drew Lock neither should have luck moving the ball against the Chargers. Philip Rivers is due to throw another two or three picks, but the Chargers offense is definitely a field goal better than the trash that Denver calls an offense right now.  

Steve’s Picks

Detroit Lions +3 over Chicago Bears. The Bears are almost as big of a mess than the Lions, and the Lions always come to play on Thanksgiving. I like the Lions at home as field goal underdogs on Thanksgiving.

Green Bay Packers -6.5 over New York Giants. The Packers will rebound from their humiliating loss to the Niners as they steam roll the Giants.

Tennessee Titans +3 over Indianapolis Colts. The Titans are starting to be a team to watch out for and not an easy out for any NFL team. They can run the ball very well and Ryan Tannehill has added a new threat through the air that the Tennessee hasn’t had in years.

New York Jets +3.5 over Cincinnati Bengals. This line is almost too good and looks like a trap. I’m sure I will regret this but I’m going with the Jets.

Arizona Cardinals +3 over Los Angeles Rams. The Rams will be playing on a short week since they played on MNF and now they have to travel to Arizona. This isn’t a recipe for a success for a team who is struggling like the Rams are.

Drake’s Picks

Chicago Bears -3 over Detroit Lions. I'm pretty sure the Lions QB won a Turkey Bowl contest before the game.  I can't imagine him coming in off the bench and being effective against Khalil Mack and company.  It's Mitch-a-palooza on Thanksgiving!  Crack a beer.

Buffalo Bills +6.5 over Dallas Cowboys. This is purely me being an Eagles homer.  We need the Bills to win and damnit they will!  It's time for Buffalo to show the world they can beat a legitimate opponent and not just the bottom feeders.  To Buffalo this is their Super Bowl.  Let's circle the wagons, throw someone through a damn table, and win this game!

New Orleans Saints -7 over Atlanta Falcons. New Orleans is gonna be out for blood after getting embarrassed by the Falcons two weeks ago.  I can't imagine they get held to 9 points again.  Give me massive efforts from Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas as the Saints march into victory.

Los Angeles Chargers -2.5 over Denver Broncos. We'll see who the Broncos roll out at QB this week.  Either way I like LA to put a hurting on them.  This Broncos team has talent but is stuck in neutral with horrible QB play and lackluster coaching.  Philip Rivers celebrates Thanksgiving with a win and impregnating his wife for the 87th time.

New England Patriots -3 over Houston Texans. I don't bet against Tom Brady.  He's the greatest of all time.  This offense is slow and boring but with Tom captaining the ship it's still going to the Super Bowl.  

Joe’s Picks

Green Bay Packers - 6.5 over New York Giants. It doesn’t matter where this game will be played with the way the Packers were humiliated last week, the Giants have no chance at keeping this game close. The Packers may not be as good as many thought they were, but they are certainly good enough to manhandle the Giants this week.

Buffalo Bills + 6.5 over Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys haven’t beaten a team with a winning record this season. I think that changes in Week 13 but at the same time, the Bills will cover the spread. The Bills’ defense, and the Cowboys defense for that matter, should keep this game close.

San Francisco 49ers + 6 over Baltimore Ravens. We’re looking at a potential Super Bowl preview here. The spread is too high and inflated because of the Ravens two straight huge wins. The Ravens will probably win this game but the 49ers pass rush should slow Lamar Jackson down a bit. The 49ers will cover.

New Orleans Saints -7 over Atlanta Falcons. I know the Saints are playing on the road, but let’s face it, they are the better team. Almost just as important is the fact that the Saints want revenge for their ugly loss to the Falcons in Week 10 and want to win as many regular season games as possible so that they can play some playoff games in New Orleans this season. The Saints will cover.

Philadelphia Eagles – 9.5 over Miami Dolphins. Eight of the Dolphins’ nine losses this season have been by double digit scores. The Eagles are desperate for a win and are facing the Dolphins at the perfect time of their season. The Eagles cover this big spread easily.


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