NFL Survivor Pool: Week 11

If you are still alive in your respective Survivor Pool you deserve a round of applause. Last week saw a couple of heavy favorites falter and sent Survivor players home for the Holidays early. The Buccaneers, Cardinals, and Ravens all went down in flames. Meanwhile, the Steelers’ contest ended up in a tie which is just like losing because your team must win for you to proceed to the next week. 

Who to pick for Week 11

In Week 10 I was one of those unfortunate souls that picked the Steelers and since they ended in a tie I was eliminated. At least in the Survivor Pool, I was participating in the other Survivor player did not make a pick and we were the last two players to be eliminated and are Co-Champions. So I will take that and run.

Now that I’ve gotten up and dusted myself off and let’s keep going to the end. These are the teams that I have picked and no longer options for me: Rams, Packers, Broncos, Bengals, Ravens, Colts, Patriots, Bills, Chiefs, and Steelers. Here’s the Week 11 docket to look over to see what options we have for this week.

NFL Week 11 Schedule

Patriots at Falcons            Patriots -7

Ravens at Bears               Ravens -5.5

Lions at Browns                Browns -10

Packers at Vikings             Packers -2.5

Texans at Titans                Titans -10

Colts at Bills                      Bills -7

Dolphins at Jets                 Dolphins -3

Saints at Eagles                 Eagles -1.5

49ers at Jaguars                49ers -6

Football Team at Panthers   Panthers -3.5

Bengals at Raiders             Bengals -1

Cardinals at Seahawks       Cardinals -2.5

Cowboys at Chiefs             Chiefs -2.5

Steelers at Chargers          Chargers -5.5

Giants at Buccaneers         Buccaneers -11


Bye: Broncos and Rams  

Five games have a team favored by at least seven points this week and here they are; the Patriots on the road on Thursday Night Football favored by -7 over the Falcons, the Browns at home favored by -10 over the Lions, the Titans at home favored by -10 over the Texans, the Bills at home favored by -7 over the Colts, and the Buccaneers at home on Monday Night Football favored by -11 over the Giants.

Patriots at Falcons

The Falcons just got torched by the Cowboys 43-3 and could be without their swiss army knife Cordarrelle Patterson on Thursday. Patterson has been their MVP so far this season, which will make things more difficult this week. The Patriots on the other hand have righted their ship and have won four in a row. The Patriots are an option this week, but it may be a close score since they are on the road.


Lions at Browns

The Lions didn’t win last week but they didn’t lose either. Therefore, the Lions are still searching for that first win of the season. They travel to Cleveland to face-off against the Browns. The Browns have been dealing with plenty of injuries this year and have them sitting with a 5-5 record. Monitor the status of both quarterbacks as they both are dealing with injuries this week although Baker Mayfield seems to have a better chance of playing this week. If Mayfield plays the Browns should be able to win this one especially if Jared Goff does not suit up.


Texans at Titans

The last time the Texans took the field, they also took a beating at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. Tyrod Taylor came back from injured reserve and looked rusty as he produced multiple turnovers in the game. Now after the bye hopefully Taylor will look better this time around. The Titans right now sit on top of the mountain as the number one seed in the conference and look to continue to roll, even without Derrick Henry. If the Titans are still available they are an excellent option for Week 11.


Colts at Bills

Which Colts team will we see this week? The one that dominates on the ground and wins games with ease or the one that struggles and comes up just short. All of the Colts wins this year have come against teams under .500 so they may be in for a struggle this week against the Bills. The Bills have a solid defense that could cause problems for all-world running back Jonathan Taylor who has been running at will over the several games. Of the highly favored teams, this may be one that you might want to shy away from as it could be a close contest.


Giants at Buccaneers

The Giants are coming off their bye after winning two of their last three games. The G-Men may also get their stud Saquon Barkley back, whose been out with an ankle injury. Barkley started practicing again but may be limited in his first game back. Unfortunately, the Giants are heading to Tampa Bay to play a pissed-off Buccaneers team who have somehow lost two in a row after winning four straight games. Depending on if the Giants can put some pressure on Tom Brady, look for the Buccaneers to get back on the winning track making them another great option for this week.

I will be going with the Browns this week because the rest of their schedule gets tough the rest of the way.

If you would like to further discuss this or have any questions you can reach me on Twitter at @smooth1074. Good luck and see you next week.

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