NFL Survivor Pool: Week 12

Good lord almighty, after seeing some of the results from Week 11, if you have lasted this long in Survivor you are truly blessed. It seems as we are nearing the end of the season, the struggle is real if you want to survive until Week 17. The Titans who were supposed to bulldoze through the Texans got a rude awakening. Tyrod Taylor found the fountain of youth over the bye week and led the Texans to Nashville and spanked the Titans on the road. The Bills were favored by seven points over the Colts, and I think Jonathan Taylor is still scoring touchdowns on the Colts. I hope you shied away from the Bills last week. 

Who to pick for Week 12

In Week 11 I went with the Browns that barely got by a Jared Goff-less Lions team. These are the teams that are no longer options for me; Rams, Packers, Broncos, Bengals, Ravens, Colts, Patriots, Bills, Chiefs, Steelers, and Browns. Let us check out this week's slate to see what's in store for us in Week 12.

NFL Week 12 Schedule

Bears at Lions                     Bears -3.5

Raiders at Cowboys             Cowboys -8

Bills at Saints                      Bills -4.5

Falcons at Jaguars                Pick-em

Panthers at Dolphins            Dolphins -1.5

Jets at Texans                      Texans -2.5

Eagles at Giants                   Eagles -3.5

Steelers at Bengals               Bengals -4.5

Buccaneers at Colts               Buccaneers -2.5

Titans at Patriots                   Patriots -6.5

Chargers at Broncos              Chargers -2.5

Rams at Packers                    Pick-em

Vikings at 49ers                     49ers -3

Browns at Ravens                  Ravens -3.5

Seahawks at Football Team     Football Team -1


Bye:  Cardinals and Chiefs

The pickings are very slim this week with only two teams that are favored by at least -6.5 points. The two games to contemplate are, the Cowboys at home on Thanksgiving favored by -8 over the Raiders, or the Patriots at home favored by -6.5 over the Titans. Yikes, good luck to all this week.

Raiders at Cowboys

The Raiders have been in a funk ever since they gave Chucky the boot, and rightfully so. In the aftermath of his departure, the Raiders have lost three games in a row and look like a totally different team. The Cowboys over their last three have not fared much better, only winning once during that span. The Cowboys will be without Amari Cooper due to being in the COVID protocol. CeeDee Lamb is a player to monitor as he is listed as questionable due to being in the concussion protocol. Being that the Cowboys are at home on Thanksgiving and still have more talent than the Raiders, the Cowboys are an excellent option for this week.


Titans and Patriots

Which Titans team will show up this week? The one that was leading the AFC two weeks ago, or the one that got embarrassed by the Texans at home?  Just like many fantasy owners out there, the Titans are realizing how tough it is not having Derrick Henry in the backfield really is. The Patriots have won five straight, behind Mac Jones playing some turnover-free football and a really good Patriots defense. This is going to be a close game, but maybe your only option if you have used the Cowboys already.


Now if you have already used both the Cowboys and the Patriots, you are going to have to dig a little deeper for an option to pick. If you have some cojones and want to live a little on the wild side a team to consider is the Texans over the Jets. The Texans did play a lot better last week and are playing at home against the Jets, who are just as bad as they are. Good luck to you if you go down this path.

Luckily for me, I still have the Cowboys as an option so I’m going with them this week. But looking at the way things are going this year, I will need all the luck I can get as well.

If you would like to further discuss this or have any fantasy questions, you may reach me on Twitter at @Smooth1074

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Good luck this week. 



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