NFL Survivor Pool: Week 5

Surviving the game, that’s what we’re all trying to do here. If you did not choose carefully last week, your Survivor season came to a crashing end. The two teams that were favored by over seven points last week that shook Survivor gamers to their core were the Saints who lost to the Giants after being favored by -7.5 and the Titans who were favored by -8 and got dropped like a bad habit by the Jets in New York. Hopefully you were able to shy away from the Titans since they went into the contest without their two stud wide receivers A.J. Brown and Julio Jones. Let’s see if we can navigate around the landmines that lie in front of us for Week 5.   

Who to Pick for Week 5

After deciding to roll the dice on the Bengals over the Jaguars for Week 4 on Thursday night, my selection almost went down with the other two favorites in a nail-biter. But luckily, a last-second field goal brought home the victory and allowed me to see another day. Here are the teams that are no longer options for me going forward, Rams, Packers, Broncos, and Bengals. Here are the games that are cooking for Week 5.

Week 5 NFL Schedule


  • Rams at Seahawks           Rams -1.5
  • Jets at Falcons                 Falcons -3.5
  • Dolphins at Buccaneers    Buccaneers -10.5
  • Eagles at Panthers           Panthers -4
  • Saints at Washington       Saints -1
  • Titans at Jaguars             Titans -4
  • Lions at Vikings               Vikings -8
  • Broncos at Steelers          Steelers -1
  • Packers at Bengals           Packers -3.5
  • Patriots at Texans            Patriots -9.5
  • Bears at Raiders              Raiders -4.5
  • Browns at Chargers         Chargers -1.5
  • Giants at Cowboys          Cowboys -7.5
  • 49ers at Cardinals           Cardinals -5
  • Bills at Chiefs                  Chiefs -2.5
  • Colts at Ravens               Ravens - 7

After reviewing the Week 5 slate, there are about five possible options to choose from. Here are the games; the Buccaneers at home favored by -10.5 over the Dolphins, the Vikings at home favored by -8 over the Lions, the Patriots on the road favored by -9.5 over the Texans, the Cowboys at home favored by -7.5 over the Giants, and the Ravens favored by the -7 over the Colts on Monday Night Football. 

Dolphins at Buccaneers

The first game to dive into this week is the Buccaneers at home against the Dolphins. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are coming off a fresh emotional win over his former team. I’m sure it felt good for the G.O.A.T. to get that win and he will be looking to pick up another win this week against his long-time rival Dolphins who have been a thorn in his side for the last 20 years of his career. The Dolphins came into the season as a team that looked like they were ready to take the next step, but after winning their first game over the Patriots in the season opener, they lost starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to broken ribs and have lost every game since. The Buccaneers should continue to roll this week and be a pretty safe pick for Week 5.


Lions at Vikings

Next, we have the Vikings at home favored to take care of the hapless Lions by eight. This one should be very interesting. Both teams have only mustered up one victory between the two. Although the one team that has the win is the Vikings they have not been oozing with confidence this season and are playing one of their Divisional arch-rivals. Vikings are a decent pick if you are feeling lucky but maybe one should shy away from this contest if you can.


Patriots at Texans

Speaking of one to maybe shy away from, the Patriots on the road almost favored by double-digits over the Texans are sure to garner a lot of attention from Survivor players this week. What makes them intriguing is that the Texans have been horrendous this year and Davis Mills looks to be out of his league so far under center. Mills and the Texans are coming into Week 5 after getting smashed by the Bills last week with a loss by 40 points. Coach Bill Belichick is sure to have the Patriots' defense ready to pounce on Mills some more. If this game was in Foxboro I would be a little more confident in this one but the Patriots' defense facing Mills is a factor to consider if you do decide to pick the Patriots this week.


Giants at Cowboys

The following game is another rival special with the Cowboys favored by -7.5 over the Giants. The G-men are coming into Big D with an impressive road upset win over the Saints in overtime. The Giants finally opened things up and that allowed Daniel Jones to throw for 400 yards and rush for another 27 yards. The Cowboys are coming in hot winning three straight after losing the season opener to the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. This one may be closer than what Vegas thinks so be cautious if you decide to roll with the Cowboys this week.


Colts at Ravens

The last game to go over this weekend is the Ravens at home facing off against the Colts on Monday Night. After losing the season opener in overtime to the Raiders, the Ravens have been on a roll by putting together a three-game win streak and sit with a 3-1 record tied for the division lead. The Colts on the other hand had lost their first three games of the season and finally got a victory over the Dolphins last week. Being that the Ravens are at home and the Colts have a couple of offensive linemen injured, the Ravens are an option to consider this week for Survivor.


After considering all my options, I will be going with the Ravens for Week 5.

If you would like to further discuss this or have any fantasy football questions you may reach out to me on Twitter at @smooth1074.

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