The EPL Optimizer is here and ready to smash EPL DFS


When I first started playing DFS my main focus was on NFL and being Irish and not knowing much about NFL I like a lot of  DFS players basically lost a lot of the times I played and ended up donating my money to the guys who actually knew what they were doing. Even when I won a few dollars I was never going to win big or win consistently. I then tried my hand at NBA NHL etc but the result for me was the same. Finally, when DFS  EPL came along I managed to improve my return on my investment as I was playing a sport I knew plenty about.

I was never one for playing multiple slates as I never really had the courage to and as I was starting to make a profit at EPL I just carried on my merry way. Yet I was and still am drawn to playing the American sports that I don't know enough about to make consistent money on. I knew it was time for me an analyst for fightingchancefantasy.com to admit I  couldn’t do it alone and just like my own subscription service I needed to get help from other people who knew what they were doing.

At this point by accident, I came across Draftfastdfs.com who were promoting their Slack channel so as it was free to join I got involved in their channel and again by luck got into a conversation with one of the guys who run the site. I informed him I was there to get tips and help on how to be successful at DFS in American sports and I mentioned my association with Fightingchancefantasy.com and my work as an EPL DFS writer and analyst. This perked his interest as he was currently working on adding EPL DFS to his site and to cut a long story short we have been in contact ever since exchanging ideas and thoughts.  I signed up for his subscription service and used it in the latter stages of the NBA DFS season. Now I never invested heavily but I can say that over the time I used their service I did make a profit.

Those of you who read my articles on fightingchancefantasy.com will know I will promote DFS services I feel will be useful to us all like the future arrival of Fanteam in the USA whom as I’ve stated before I am an affiliate of and I get paid to promote their services. Regarding DraftFast DFS I do not get paid by them and I paid a subscription to use their services.  The reason I am writing this promotional article today is that there has been an exciting development in their services that will be available for the start of the EPL DFS season and here is what it is.

DraftFast DFS use an optimizer for most of their DFS sports offerings NBA NHL MLB etc and I used it for their NBA coverage where you can enter from 1-150 slates in a tournament by simply letting the optimizer draft as many slates as you want to enter and then you simply export them to FD or DK. As I was new to this it took me a few goes to get used to it but on my last attempt at NBA I entered the 25 slates in a 0.25$ tournament and to my utter shock and surprise all 25 cashed I didn’t win one of the big prizes but I made a nice profit. I’ve cashed every time I have used it not winning all the time but km certainly not losing now. I’m really excited about the start of the NFL season and I’m confident I will make a profit this season. 

The Big News though is this DraftFast DFShave come up with an optimizer for the EPL DFS season and it will work on both DK and FD allowing you to enter up to 150 slates at a time which will really increase your chances of winning at EPL DFS. I’ve had the pleasure of beta testing a few of the slates the optimizer came up with and no we didn’t enter 10bslayes or 100 slates at a time and yet both tournaments we entered finished in the money and in the top 10% while using just 1 yes just 1 slate. Think about what can be achieved using 10, 50, or 150 slates if that is the way you want to go.

Let’s hear from the guy responsible for this great optimizer in his own words:

DraftFast DFS

My name is Eric, and I’m the owner of DraftFast DFS. I’ve been playing DFS since 2014. I have a love for sports, so that’s what brought me around the trying out DFS. In the beginning of my DFS start, I searched the industry for who was winning and what was their technique to their madness. I came across a ton of sites that offered a good bit of advice. After my research of this for a few years, I decided to get involved in DFS on helping others win and building their own line-ups. So I provided pre-built line-ups till 2020. At that time, that’s when I decided to put my hard work into creating a site that evolves around DFS. So I decided to create DraftFast DFS. I’ve put countless hours into building this site. Always looking for a way to improve. I recently met @Fantasymutt “Gerry” A great individual. We’ve had many discussions about DFS  lately EPL/soccer. With our talks, it sparked my interest to add a soccer optimizer. Took me a while since the season hasn’t started, but I was able to add it with no issues. We ran some single-game contests with DraftKings. I think it shocked us both how well the line-ups did. One thing I can add to this optimizer, is the projections. Projections for me is the most important concept of the optimizer. You’re only going to get good results by what you feed the optimizer. I take pride in my algorithm for projections. In short, I created a machine learning algorithm that takes raw data or past data actual results, that builds my current projections. I don’t think I know of another site that offers an optimizer having this feature. I run this for all the sports. The soccer optimizer will let you create 150 line-ups with player locks or other settings or rules applied. This is beneficial in so many ways. Another great setting is the team stacks options, no need for explanation on that. With all this being said, I’m inviting everyone to create an account on the site, www.DraftFastDFS.com, and try us ALL ACCESS for free for the first 3 days! If you have any questions or concerns, please message me. I will do my best to help you create lineups with the optimizer. 

So there you have it and in partnership with draffastdfs.com and fightingchancefantasy.com have an exclusive sign-up deal for you that is not available anywhere else so grab it here from Fantasymutt.

Just sign up with draftfastdfs.com and you will get

  1. A 3 day All Access Free Trial including all sports MLB, NBA, NFL, GOLF, etc
  2. 20% discount on a monthly subscription every month you subscribe.
  3. An amazing discount of over 50% on an annual subscription. You would only pay $290 for the whole year.
  4. To get this amazing offer when signing up you MUST use the Coupon Code ‘Fantasymutt’.

I’m sure you will agree this is a great offer but Eric and I fully believe in the optimizer and for those of you that play EPL DFS this could be a game-changer. So do not let this offer pass you by it’s exclusive to fighting chance readers. Let’s all win together and good luck with the new season.

Whatever way you play DFS no one can say they don’t want to make money or win a GPP with a decent cash prize. I’m now convinced that this new optimizer for EPL DFS will be another tool to aid us in our quest to win the big one on FD or DK. Do head over to draftfastdfs.com and check them out and be ready for the start of the EPL DFS season and when the EPL optimizer goes live make sure you are a part of it and get the head start on the rest of the competition.

Any questions you can get me on Twitter @fantasymutt 

Cheers Gerry

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