Survivor Pool: Week 5

As we turn the chapter to Week 5, Week 4 will always be remembered as the first-time that COVID-19 got a hold of the NFL. Before we dive into Week 5 there have been a few more players that have tested positive for COVID-19 for the Titans this week so their game with Buffalo might be in jeopardy again. Monitor this situation moving forward. As for Week 4 out of all the teams favored by -6 and higher, only the 49ers came up short. If you picked them, unfortunately, you have been eliminated. Hopefully, you played it safe with one of the more heavily favored teams last week.

Who to pick for Week 5

Last week I decided to play it safe and went with the Rams over the Giants and thankfully the Rams came through with the W. As the weeks progress my favorable options will become less trustworthy but that's part of the fun. The Bills, Packers, Colts, and Rams are no longer options for me. Please note that the Packers and Lions are on a bye this week. So onward to Week 5!    


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (+5.5, 44)
Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (-4.5, 55)
Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-12.5, 56)
Los Angeles Rams at Washington Football Team (+9, 45.5)
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans (-6, 54)
Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets (+6.5, 47.5)
Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7, 45)
Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (-13.5, 51)
Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers (-8, 47)
Denver Broncos at New England Patriots (-11.5)
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-9.5, 54)
Indianapolis Colts at Cleveland Browns (+2.5, 47.5)
Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks (-7, 58)
Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints (-7.5, 52)


After going over this week's slate there are nine games that have a team favored by seven or more points. the three teams that are favored by double figures are the Chiefs at home favored by -12.5 over the Raiders, the Ravens at home favored by -13.5 over the Bengals, and the Patriots also at home are favored by -11.5 over the Broncos. The Chiefs and the Ravens are the two safest picks this week and for those that want to take the easy way this week, these are the picks for you. As for the Patriots' contest, this is a game that you may want to stay away from due to the availability of Cam Newton. As of this writing, Newton is still out due to testing positive for COVID-19 so this game will be closer than the oddsmakers think. 

The next three highest favored teams are the Cowboys at home favored by -9.5 over the Giants, the Rams on the road favored by -9 over the Washington Football Team, and the 49ers at home favored by -8 over the Dolphins. The Cowboys game is very tempting as they are at home versus a depleted G-men team who a couple of linebackers and secondary personnel injured. So the Cowboys are a possible option this week for those that haven't used them yet. The next game is the Rams traveling across the country to D.C. to play against the WFT. This is another strong option for those that have not used the Rams yet but be wary as they are on the road and the WFT just named a new starter and the team might be inspired to play better this week. The 49ers are an intriguing option at home facing the Dolphins. The only thing that you must monitor is if Jimmy Garappolo and Raheem Mostert return to action because then this game will become a really viable option. As of now, they have both been limited in practice so this option is still to be determined in my eyes. If they are both listed as out then look elsewhere for your selection.  

The last three teams that may be an option this week are the Steelers at home favored by -7 over the Eagles, are the Seahawks at home also favored by -7 over the Vikings and the Saints at home on Monday Night favored by -7.5 over the Chargers. The Steelers off their unexpected bye come home to take on their interstate rival the Eagles. This is another possible option as the Eagles have been hammered by injuries this year and may not have the horses to hang with the Steelers but this game may be closer than the line. The red hot Seahawks seem to be involved in a shootout every week. They should win this one at home but I'm a little leary of this game as the Seahawks defense may let them down. Will the Saints go marching on to a victory? I don't know, but without Michael Thomas, I'm not trusting them just yet with my survivor pick.

After mulling over all the possible options, I will be going with the Cowboys for Week 5.


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