Survivor Pool: Week 9

And down the stretch, we come. The second half of the season is upon us and if you're still reading this hopefully you are still alive in your respective Survivor Pools. The contenders are starting to separate themselves from the pretenders, so hopefully, we can find our way through the rough patches ahead as more and more players are starting to test positive for COVID-19. Out of last week's heavy favorites and possibilities, only the Packers fell just short of the finish line and lost to the Vikings 28-22, which probably knocked out several more Survivor Pool players. Let's check out what's in store for us this week. 

Who to pick for Week 9   

My pick for Week 8 was the Eagles, who came through with a big divisional win over the quarterback-less Cowboys. Before we dive into this week's schedule, here are the teams that are no longer options for me moving forward, the Bills, Packers, Colts, Rams, Cowboys, Dolphins, Chargers, and Eagles. Let's see the possibilities we have for Week 9.  

NFL odds, matchups for Week 9

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers (+2.5, 51)
Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills (+2.5, 53.5)
Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons (-4, 50)
Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans (-6, 46.5)
Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings (-3.5, 53.5)
Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts (+4, 44)
Carolina Panthers at Kansas City Chiefs (-12, 52)
Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (+6, 51.5)
New York Giants at Washington Football Team (-3, 43)
Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers (-1.5, 54)
Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas Cowboys (+14, 41.5)
Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals (-6, 47.5)
New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4, 54.5)
New England Patriots at New York Jets (+7, 41)

Teams on Bye: Bengals, Browns, Eagles, Rams

 After reviewing this week's slate it appears there are six games that have a team favored by at least six points. Here are the options to choose from, the Titans at home favored by (-6) over the Bears, the Chiefs at home favored by (-12) over the Panthers, the Texans on the road favored by (-6) over the Jaguars, the Steelers on the road favored by (-14) over the Cowboys, the Cardinals at home favored by (-6) over the Dolphins, and the Patriots on the road favored by (-7) over the Jets. Let's evaluate these particular games to see what's the best option for us.

There are two teams that are double-digit favorites this week. The first team is the Chiefs at home ready to face-off against the Panthers. These teams seem to be heading in different directions as the Chiefs have won three in a row, while the Panthers have lost three in a row. Other than the shocking loss at Arrow Head to the Raiders, the Chiefs normally handle any team with ease as they have outscored their opponents by 101 points so far this season and they should do the same this week. The Panthers have been reeling after starting the season 3-2, and now sit at 3-6. The one positive news the Panthers have leading into the contest is that Christian McCaffrey is expected to make his return to the line-up this week. Even though the Panthers' X-Factor returns this week, the Chiefs should be able to win this week and is a great option but the game should be closer than the oddsmakers think.

The other contest this week with a heavy favorite is Steelers visiting Dallas. The Steelers are the last undefeated team in the NFL and have been on fire with the return of Big Ben this season. Coming off an impressive win over their divisional foe the Ravens. This week should be child's play for them as the Cowboys are heading to Sunday with a huge question mark at quarterback. As of this writing, there is still no word on who the starting quarterback will be this week. The Steelers should continue to roll this week and are an excellent option if you still have them available.

The remaining games should all be tighter contests as the odds have indicated. The Titans are at home and battle the Bears. The Bears' defense will keep them in any game, and they have only lost once on the road. Both teams come into the game losing two in a row, so neither team is riding a hot hand. This game is one to stay away from if you can, as I'm not overly confident that the Titans can pull this one out.

With the Texans on the road to square off against the Jaguars, we have two bottom feeder teams here who are both at 1-6. The Texans are favored because they have the better quarterback in the match-up with Deshaun Watson running the show. The Jaguars on the other hand have a rookie Jake Luton starting at quarterback with Gardner Minshew out with an injured thumb. The Texans are a good option this week if needed.  

At first glance, the 5-2 Cardinals are a possible selection this week since they are at home and are facing the Dolphins. What scary about the Dolphins might not be Tua Tagovailoa just yet, but it's their defense that is playing pretty incredible so far this season. The Dolphins defense just made Jared Goff and the Rams look inept last week. The Cardinals should win this one but it may be too close for comfort.

The last game to go over is the Monday Night snooze fest between the Patriots and the Jets. The Jets have been just horrendous this year rocking an 0-8 record. The tanking for Trevor could be real for both teams, but especially the Jets. Cam Newton should get himself and the offense back on track this week. I believe Jets management is keeping Adam Gase in place as head coach, so they can lock up the number one pick in next year's draft. The Patriots are another good option this week.

After contemplating my options for Week 9, my pick this week will be the  Chiefs.

Good luck and see you next week. 

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