The Fantasy Five featuring Michael Yachera

Michael Yachera is one of the three founders of The Fantasy Gospel podcast and website. He joins Carl Milton Grove and Brandon Dombrowski on their sophomore year of producing fantasy baseball content. I've been down with The Fantasy Gospel crew since day one. I love their positive attitudes and good vibes they bring to the community. Not only are they good natured fellas, but they really know their stuff. Their motto is they've got the insight and content that will keep you steps ahead of your league mates. Insert Ron Burgundy "Agreed" GIF here. I recently asked Michael five questions about himself and his love for fantasy baseball.

How long have you known your podcast mates, Brandon and Carl? When did you decide to create The Fantasy Gospel? 

I played basketball against Brandon for years throughout middle school, so I knew who he was, but we later teamed up  in high school (Notre Dame Preparatory). I met Carl in summer school before high school, where we independently decided to get our PE and sex education requirements out of the way before our first day of high school. Carl also played basketball, so we spent a lot of time together on and off the court. We first had the idea to create a fantasy baseball-focused website/podcast around the summer of 2016, but the three of us committed to the creation and continuation of the Fantasy Gospel in January of 2018. The three of us attended a Catholic high school, so the idea of a religious element for our name flowed naturally. Carl came up with the idea of the Fantasy Gospel after days of floating ideas back, and fourth, while our slogan, "it's time to preach," was born while producing and recording an introduction for our podcast since "preach" is a term generally attributed to a religious sermon or lecture. We also wanted to choose a name that did not conflict with any current trademarks, a consideration that I strongly recommend to potential fantasy baseball writers/podcasters who want to brand themselves. 

I know you're a very knowledgeable player, since we play in several leagues together. Drop some knowledge on these readers. Who will have a break out 2nd half that will be a must own in your eyes?

Carlos Martinez of the St. Louis Cardinals is someone I would roster and stash with one of my IL spots if possible because I believe he will be the Cardinals closer in the season's second half. I arrived at this conclusion after some internet research, and if given the role, Martinez could finish as a Top-5 closer on a team with excellent run support and defense. There's a lot of risk in acquiring Martinez if he is owned in your league, but the reward can be great to preemptive owners in leagues that chase saves on a daily basis. 

Besides studying walk rates and launch angles, What does Michael Yachera do for fun? 

I watch a lot of movies and sports, and podcasting with Carl and Brandon is one of my favorite things to do. I listen to fantasy baseball pods, too, and I enjoy spending time outdoors: hiking, dog walks, playing basketball, and visiting beer gardens and farmers markets. I live in Los Angeles, so I attend a handful of Dodgers games, but my loyalties lie with Arizona teams - Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Suns, and ASU. 

You are also a NBC's The Office super fan like myself. Who is your favorite character? What's your favorite episode?
My Office addiction began in the early 2010's, so I've seen every episode more times than I can guess. My favorite characters are a tie between Andy and Dwight, but Michael Scott is obviously the headliner and is, therefore, in a league of his own (no pun intended). Choosing a favorite episode is one of the hardest things I ever did, but I narrowed it down to "The Injury" (Season 2, Episode 2). An extremely close second is definitely "The Return" (Season 3, Episode 13). 
You can get drafted by any MLB franchise. Who do you want to get drafted by and what position will you be playing? Bonus question: Are you draftable in a 12 team mixed league? 
Since I'm a homer, I'd want to get drafted by the Diamondbacks of Arizona and play second. Rougned Odor is one of my favorite players to watch, and I feel like my game would be similar to his, so I think I would be worthy of late-round consideration.
Thank you to Michael Yachera (@myach1_91) for joining me on The Fantasy Five. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter and check out (@fantasy_gospel). They are continuously dropping new content in efforts to help you become a better fantasy baseball player. Thank you for reading The Fantasy Five. 

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