The Fantasy Five featuring Patrick Magnus

I’m very excited about this week’s Fantasy Five guest, Patrick Magnus. He is the host of the Dynasty’s Child podcast and senior writer @dynastyguru. Patrick is very passionate about baseball and a really good human being. This week he stops by The Fantasy Five and tells me what it’s like living in China and describes the perfect grilled cheese. 





When did you get into Fantasy Baseball? 


I got into fantasy baseball probably during the 2003 season. A group of friends were heavily into the Red Sox at this time, and they decided to start up a rotisserie league. By the end of the season I was able to name just about every closer in the game, and I was completely and utterly hooked. I’ve been playing in various leagues ever since and the obsession just continues to get deeper and deeper.    
I love the name Dynasty’s Child. I was a pretty big Destiny’s Child fan growing up and I’m still pretty bitter about Beyoncé leaving Kelly and Michelle in the dust. How did you come up with the name?
Keaton DeRocher, Ian Hudson, Adam Lawler, and myself were brainstorming about name ideas. We knew we wanted it to be dynasty baseball related, and we were all really into  puns. I made the suggestion as a joke  at first, but the group took it very seriously. They loved it, even when I remained skeptical. Eventually we settled on it as the name, and we haven’t looked back since. 


You recently became a father. Congratulations! How is fatherhood treating you? As a huge Boston Red Sox fan, was the name Mookie an option? 



Similar to being a baseball fan, I think in order to be a parent you have to be a bit of a masochist. It’s a selfless occupation, and although I’d never trade in my little girl for anything, it’s a tiring endeavor. Mookie was on the table in the early going, but was laid to rest by my better half. There’s always the next one though. 


Several years ago in a Dear Mr Fantasy League, you and I almost completed a trade that involved Yovani Gallardo for a grilled cheese sandwich. Logistically, we weren’t able to complete the trade, but describe to us your perfect grilled cheese. 


Plenty of butter on all sides, the cheapest wrapped American cheese, and perfectly toasted on both sides. Great, now I’m dying for a grilled cheese sandwich! Thanks a lot, Casey.

You live in China! Tell us about your experience living and teaching in China. 


China has been a great experience so far. I’ve been here for four years now, but I continue to learn something new about the country and culture every day. I’d recommend living outside of the country for a bit to everyone. Really alters one’s perception on what’s important, and the realities of other people throughout the world. Plus, the food is generally freaking incredible. 
Teaching here has been a whole different ball game. I work with students who are primarily French speakers and it’s wild. I do my best to incorporate as much baseball into my classroom as possible. My students insist that I’m watching the wrong sport. They keep talking about some game called Futbol? I’ll change their minds eventually. 
Thank you to Patrick Magnus for joining me in this installment of The Fantasy Five. Be sure to give Patrick a follow on Twitter @TheGreenMagnus and check out his podcast @Dynastyschild.  

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