Top 10 2020 Fantasy First Basemen

First base is back and deeper than ever!  The top 3 guys are all potential first rounders.  While The 60 game schedule impacts some of these guys overall, it doesn't impact where they rank for the position.  Freddy and Pete move down a couple of spots on my top 50 but the distance between them and Rizzo was too great for Rizzo to move up.  The 60 game schedule just made the gap from 1 to 2 even greater. 


1. Cody Bellinger – Dodgers – NL West

Tops at first, top 5 overall.  Cody will mash regardless of what division he’s in.  If you get him, he'll be the MVP of your team.  


2. Freddy Freeman – Braves – NL East

Freddy is a proficient slugger in a great lineup with a lot of opportunity so despite the tough schedule he’s still top 3 and slightly edges out Alonso for the 2 spot.


3. Pete Alonso – Mets – NL East

Big Meat Pete was the only slugger to hit 50+ home runs in 2019.  He’ll come down to earth some in 2020.  Even Big Mac saw a home run regression after his rookie campaign; 49 to 32.  Even with a regression looming he’ll do better than Rizzo.


4. Anthony Rizzo – Cubs – NL Central

A solid hitter who’ll get a boost with some interleague games vs the AL Central.  Career highs in BA and OBP without a power sacrifice last year.  He appears to be getting better as he enters his age 30 season.


5. Max Muncy – Dodgers – NL West

I absolutely love guys who carry an OBP .100 points higher than their average and Muncy checks that box and then some.  .263/.391 in ’18 and .251/.374 in ’19.  Throw in 30+ home runs & I need a Kleenex.  I’m all in on Max Muncy and you should be too.


6. Josh Bell – Pirates – NL Central

Some might hesitate on Bell after his second half of ’19 & the power jump from ’18 to ’19; 12-37, but not me.  I think it’s a safe bet to see similar output in 2020. He’ got a nice approach, gets on base – basically keeps good habits as a hitter and gets rewarded for it.


7. Paul Goldschmidt – Cardinals – NL Central

Goldy has become such a streaky hitter the last few years.  It seems the days of .300/.400/.550 are in the past.  That being said, he can still produce, he actually finished last year getting MVP votes!  The worry here is that with just 60 games he could slump his way through the whole season.


8. Matt Olson – Athletics – AL West

On the rise and very close to passing Goldschmidt on this list.  Olson needs to take that big step, which could happen this year.  Last year 73/36/91 runs/homers/RBI and at the very least he should track similar to that in 2020.


9. DJ LeMahieu – Yankees – AL East 

DJ really thrived in his first year with the Yankees.  Career numbers across the board.  I see him coming back down to earth in 2020.  He’ll still produce, just maybe at a 75% level of last year.


10. Jose Abreu – White Sox – AL Central

Abreu cracks the top 10 thanks to his schedule and the lineup he’s in.  He’ll track towards what would have been a 30+ homer 100+ RBI season if they were playing 162.


Good luck this year!

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