Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0, +1) - The only undefeated team left in the NFL, the Steelers are one of the most well-rounded teams in football. 

2. Kansas City Chiefs (8-1, -1) - Coming off a bye, the Chiefs get a chance to avenge their only loss of the season as they take on the Raiders in Week 11. 

3. New Orleans Saints (7-1, no change) - The Saints took out the Niners, but lost their quarterback as Drew Brees looks to miss a few weeks. It won't be easy as they take on a surging Atlanta Falcons team this week. 

4. Green Bay Packers (7-2, +1) - Aaron Rodgers continues to play at an MVP-type level as he threw for two touchdowns against the Jaguars, which is the eighth time in nine games he's thrown for two or more scores. 

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3, +3) - It was nice to see the Bucs rebound from a horrible loss to the Saints a couple of weeks ago, as they smashed the Panthers in Week 10. 

6. Miami Dolphins (6-3, +4) - Can this be right??? I had them at ten last week, but with so many teams above them losing, it's hard to ignore what this team is doing. Their next three are against the Broncos, Jets, and Bengals which are all very winnable games.

7. Arizona Cardinals (6-3, +4) - The Cardinals got a big time win against the Bills with an amazing Hail Mary toss to DeAndre Hopkins at the end of the game. 

8. Buffalo Bills (7-3, -2) - Buffalo played a really good Arizona team and lost on a once in a lifetime play, so it's hard to push them down the rankings much. 

9. Las Vegas Raiders (6-3, +3) - Winners of three in a row before their bye, the Raiders get a chance to prove they are for real when they take on Kansas City in Week 11. 

10. LA Rams (6-3, +3) - It was a huge win for the Rams as they took out the Seahawks, but they won't have time to rest as they travel east to face Tom Brady and the Bucs on Monday Night Football.

11. Baltimore Ravens (6-3, -7) - This was not a good look for the Ravens as they got humiliated by the Patriots. Not a good look at all...

12. Indianapolis Colts (6-3, +2) - The Colts need a little consistency as one week they look like world beaters and the next like a mid-tier team. 

13. Seattle Seahawks (6-3, -6) - The Seahawks hemorrhage yards on defense and if that doesn't get that remedied, they will find themselves out of title contention. 

14. Cleveland Browns (6-3, +1) - It's nice when you start to get healthy as well as see the Eagles and Jaguars on your schedule over the next two weeks. 

15. Tennessee Titans (6-3, -6) - If the Titans want to be among the elite in the league, these next few weeks will be key as they take on the Ravens and then rematch the Colts. 

16. Minnesota Vikings (4-5, +1) - Don't look now, but Minnesota has won three games in a row (all against NFC North opponents) and have the Cowboys, Panthers, and Jaguars on the schedule next. Maybe we were premature writing them off early in the season. 

17. Atlanta Falcons (3-6, -1) - The Falcons are coming off of their bye after winning three of their previous four contests. They face a stiff test as they take on the Drew Brees-less Saints this week. 

18. New England Patriots (4-5, +7) - Many wrote the Patriots off for dead, but a huge win taking out the Ravens is giving this team a glimmer of hope. 

19. New York Giants (3-7, +8) - I would love to have put them further down the rankings, but so many of the bottom half teams lost this week, I couldn't really pull the trigger. This season definitely has a lot of "have" and "have-nots". 

20. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1, -2) - The Eagles had a chance to place a little distance between them and the rest of the NFC East. The Giants had different plans...

21. San Francisco 49ers (4-6, -2) - After losing three in a row, the Niners are likely very excited to see the bye week on their schedule. 

22. Chicago Bears (5-5, -1) - Ho-hum, it's the Bears. Nothing much to see here. 

23. Denver Broncos (3-6, -3) - It will be interesting to see what the Broncos do in the offseason/draft and whether Drew Lock will be in their long term plans. 

24. Cincinnati Bengals (2-6-1, -2) - While they have lost four of their last five games, the Bengals have played some stiff competition. They take on the Football team and the Giants in their next two, so we can possibly get a better gauge of where this team is right now. 

25. Carolina Panthers (3-7, -2) - The Panthers need Christian McCaffrey back. Desperately. (P.S.-He won't be back in Week 11)

26. Houston Texans (2-7, -2) - This season looks like it could be a total loss for the Texans. 

27. Detroit Lions (4-6, +3) - The Lions beat the Football Team, but this is typical of them as they stink, but win just enough games to not get a top draft pick. As my friend Marcas Grant from the NFL Network said, "Death, Taxes, and the Lions with the #9 pick". I'm predicting more in the 12-15 range just to piss me off even more though. 


28. LA Chargers (2-7, -1) - Justin Herbert is hoping a new haircut helps this team get in the win column. 

29. Dallas Cowboys (2-7, no change) - Dallas is hoping that a week off will help them break a four game losing streak. 

30. Washington Football Team (2-7, -2) - When you lose to the Lions, there isn't much nice I can say about you. 

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8, no change) - The Jaguars were more competitive against the Packers than I thought they would be, but ultimately did what they do best, lose. 

32. New York Jets (0-9, no change) - The Jets are the Jets. Let's leave it at that. 

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