Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

Wow, what a difference a week makes! Last week I had the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills ranked one and two and they both suffered defeats, making me feel more disappointed than my wife was on our wedding night. 

Anyhoo...let's see how some of the big wins and losses from Week 5 effected our Power Rankings in Week 6!

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Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. Green Bay Packers 4-0 (+2) - Without playing a game, the Packers have leapfrogged the Chiefs and Bills and claimed the top spot in the NFL. They have a tough matchup against the Bucs this week, so let's see if they can hang on to it.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 4-1 (-1) - I wanted to move the Chiefs down more after their loss to the Raiders, but I think we all know that this team is still one of the best in the league.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 4-1 (+1) - A dominate win over divisional foe Cincinnati puts the Ravens into the top three.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-0 (+1) - With a solid offense and defense, the Steelers are one of the most well rounded teams in the league.
  5. Seattle Seahawks 5-0 (+1) - The Seahawks edged the Vikings in a close one and Russell Wilson has this team rolling towards an NFC West title.
  6. Tennessee Titans 4-0 (+2) - The Titans dominated the previously undefeated Bills and cemented their place as an elite team in the NFL.
  7. LA Rams 4-1 (+3) - In Sean McVay I trust. 
  8. Buffalo Bills 4-1 (-6) - I think the whole team feels like they were stiff armed by Derrick Henry after getting crushed by the Titans.
  9. Cleveland Browns 4-1 (+4) - I keep waiting for the Browns to Brown, but after a solid win against a good Colts team, it may be time to look at this Cleveland team as a contender.
  10. New England Patriots 2-2 (+1) - The Pats caught a case of the Covid this past week.
  11. Chicago Bears 4-1 (+5) - An impressive win against the Bucs has the Bears just outside the top ten.
  12. New Orleans Saints 3-2 (same) - The Saints showed some moxy with a nice second half performance coming back to defeat the Chargers.
  13. Las Vegas Raiders 3-2 (+4) - Beating the best team in the NFL is a good way to move up the rankings. With their only losses coming to the tough Patriots and Bills, the Raiders are a team we can't underestimate going forward. 
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2 (-6) - Maybe the Bears are better than we thought, or maybe Tampa just isn't as good we thought...
  15. Indianapolis Colts 3-2 (-5) - I'm getting a little worried about the Colts as they have an aging quarterback, an offensive line that has played below expectations, and Jonathan Taylor unable to get going. I don't know if my worrying is premature, but it feels like this team is a good, but not great team.
  16. Carolina Panthers 3-2 (-1) - They beat the winless Falcons, so while it's nice to get the win, it doesn't move the needle for me in the rankings.
  17. Miami Dolphins 2-3 (+3) - I would have liked to move the Dolphins up a little higher after their demolition of San Francisco, but I already had them pretty high at 20 last week. They are licking their chops as they now see the hapless Jets on their schedule. 
  18. Arizona Cardinals 2-3 (+3) - The Cards took care of business this week beating the Jets by almost three touchdowns. 
  19. San Francisco 49ers 2-3 (-5) - The 49ers feel like they are at a tipping point in the season right now and could either turn it around, or sink to the bottom of the standings. With games against the Rams, Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, and Saints in the next five weeks, it's do or die time now for San Francisco. 
  20. Dallas Cowboys 2-3 (+2) - It was nice to get the win over the Giants, but losing Dak Prescott for the season is a crushing blow for the Cowboys.
  21. Minnesota Vikings 1-4 (-2) - Minnesota is a better team than their 1-4 record indicates.
  22. LA Chargers 1-4 (+2) - This team is scrappy as hell, and while they didn't quite get the win against the Saints, they are not an easy out for anyone in the league.
  23. Philadelphia Eagles 1-3-1 (-5) - I'm starting to think that six or seven wins could win the pitiful NFC East.
  24. Houston Texans 1-4 (+5) - I feel new life in this Bill O'Brien-less team.
  25. Detroit Lions 1-3 (+1) - I'm kinda surprised the Lions didn't find a way to lose on their bye week. 
  26. Denver Broncos 1-3 (-1) - Not a good week for the Broncos as they had a game canceled by Covid and also saw Melvin Gordon get arrested for a DUI. 
  27. Cincinnati Bengals 1-3-1 (-3) - Got smoked by the Ravens and showed us they still aren't quite ready to jump up in the rankings.
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-4 (-1) - The Texans played like the Hulk and smashed the Jaguars.
  29. Washington Football Team 1-4 (-1) - The Football Team not only lacks a team name, but also seems to be lacking direction.
  30. Atlanta Falcons 1-4 (same) - Maybe a new head coach will give this team a boost.
  31. NY Giants 0-5 (same) - I thought Daniel Jones could turn his season around against the Cowboys. I was wrong. 
  32. NY Jets 0-5 (same) - All Jets fans are reaching for their Brain Bleach right now.

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