Whatever it Takes to Bring Home the Championship

To get you in the right state of mind I would love for you to see this video and let you find your inner Ric Flair and be the dirtiest player in the game for the last few weeks of the fantasy football season.

With the fantasy football playoffs upon us, it’s time to take the gloves off, roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to bring home the championship. Now that Week 14 is here some fantasy playoffs may begin now, while others start next week. So you mine as well start having a defensive mindset now because that’s what may be the difference of either going home early for the holidays, making the playoffs, going to the next round of the playoffs, or even obtaining the elusive first-round bye that basically means you are just one win away from the finals baby. 

Being Attentive

This time of year you really need to be aware of who your opponent is each week and who you are jockeying with for playoff seeding.Whether you're on top with the one seed or battling for one of those last playoff spots you need to be ready to deliver a blindside hit when it becomes available. Here are a few ways to stick it to your league mates to your advantage:

  • Be a hawk on the waiver wire. If you hear or see breaking news that there’s an injury to a stud player and now all of sudden the backup is in line for a heavy workload make sure you add that player before anyone else does especially those you're battling with for playoff supremacy. For instance, picking up Alexander Mattison off waivers after news broke that Dalvin Cook would miss time due to injury.
  • This one could be a shot below the belt, but if you see that your opponent just lost his starting quarterback or another quality starter, try to add the best available free agent on the waiver wire before your opponent does. That is sure to garner an evil stare or two but you have to do what needs to be done to get to the next round. 
  • By this point, most of your bench spots should be littered with lottery tickets. These are backup running backs and secondary wide receivers that are an injury away from being league winners for you. These are players like Khalil Herbert, Darell Williams, and Sony Michel just to name a few. So if you still have a couple of roster spots at the of your bench with players that are not producing, try and add a player two that could be league winners for you.

Thinking One Step Ahead

If you have the foresight to think ahead it could lead you to hoist the championship at the end of the year. By this I mean look at your team's schedule during the playoffs. If you see that your quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, or even your team defense have a tough match-up or two in the waning weeks of the season try to add another quality quarterback or whatever the case may be so you can play the best match-up each week. Not only does it give you the flexibility each week but it also prevents your opponent from adding that player and using him against you. 

Getting Defensive 

Here are some defenses teams that are under 70% rostered that could be league winners for you this year just due to their match-ups in the playoffs:

  • Seattle Defense is 41% rostered, and has three games in the final four weeks that are very favorable match-ups: Week 14 versus the Texans (2nd most fantasy points allowed to defenses), Week 16 versus Chicago (6th), and Week 17 versus Detroit (7th).
  • Chargers Defense is 57% rostered and has three games in the final four weeks that are favorable match-ups: Week 14 versus the Giants (9th), Week 16 versus Houston (2nd), and Week 17 versus Denver (8th).
  • Saints Defense is 68% rostered and also has three games in the final four weeks that are very favorable match-ups: Week 14 versus the Jets (5th), Week 16 versus  Dolphins (10th) but this offense is rising, and Week 17 versus the Panthers (4th).
  • 49ers Defense are 68% rostered and have two games in the final three weeks that are favorable match-ups: Week 15 versus the Falcons (1st) and Week 17 versus the Texans (2nd).
  • Eagles Defense is 30% rostered and although they are on a bye this week they may be an option for deeper leagues because their final games are decent match-ups: Week 15 versus the Football Team (12th), Week 16 versus the Giants (9th), and Week 17 again versus the Football Team (12th).

Hopefully, this will give you the edge you need to get to the top of Space Mountain. Like Ric Flair always says to be the man you gotta beat the man and come Week 17 you are that man or woman everyone will be gunning for next year. Wooooooooooooo!!!!


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