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This is where I empty the tank.  Whatever is in my head about fantasy football, sports, or life, in general, goes here.  Enjoy…I’m not a fantasy ranker.  I don’t do... Read On

Every week in the NFL is like a surprise party as you never know what your'e about to walk into. For example, I didn't foresee Tampa getting throttled by the Saints in Week 9. I didn't expect Carolina... Read On

At the halfway point of the fantasy football season, the experts at Fighting Chance Fantasy voted, and here are the winners of their “Mid-Year Awards.”10 writers voted on various topics. ... Read On

We are at the halfway point of the season already and the natural order of the NFL is starting to fall into place. What does that mean for your favorite team? Well look no further as I unveil my Week... Read On

To win in fantasy you need to be able to buy and sell.  You are a salesman.  It's time to close.  Need inspiration?  Let my friend Alec Baldwin talk to you.[embed... Read On

Wow, what a difference a week makes! Last week I had the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills ranked one and two and they both suffered defeats, making me feel more disappointed than my wife was... Read On

[embed url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxRjHMF7F3M" thumbnail="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TxRjHMF7F3M/hqdefault.jpg" class="leftAlone ss-htmleditorfield-file embed" width="480"... Read On

Here’s where I’ll empty the notebook.  All my thoughts on football, life, whatever comes to mind.My biggest piece of advice for fantasy players right now is to have playable depth.  Your... Read On