Snacks Madness

We have done a tournament for the best sit-com, the best movie franchise, the best nintendo game, among others. This year it will be the best snack food! As Americans were are always on the go and always have a snack by our side. Which one will outlast them all to be claimed the best snack in the USA? The brackets will be the Cookie, the Chip, the Cracker, and the Miscellaneous snacks. Round by round your votes will decide which snacks move to the next round, and who goes home a loser,

After two weeks and over 2,500 votes.........IT'S OVER!!!!  And in the end it wasn't even close. First they destroyed Pita Chips. Next they won a close one against Fritos. The Cinderella that was Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips had their dreams die at its hands. In the bracket final, popcorn gave it their best but it wasn't good enough. In the Final Four neither Goldfish nor Rice Krispy Treats had a chance against our Champion. NACHO CHEESE DORITOS!!!!

Thank you all so much for voting and participating and sharing on social media, and look forward to next year! 


Fighting Chance Fantasy Madness